Norton wheel full range of products

Norton wheel full range of products

Product description:

Norton wheel full range of products

As a world leader in abrasives industry, Saint-Gobain Abrasives designs, manufactures and sells NORTON, WINTER, FLEXOVIT three leading brands of all abrasive products. Saint-Gobain in the world 57 Countries with 1400 A number of subsidiaries, employs more than 20.6 Ten thousand. As a former world industrial group hundred. 2007 Annual turnover 434 Billion euros. 2008 Global (wealth) 500 Strong ranked 110 products have bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, superhard abrasive materials, thin resin diamond grinding wheel and the construction industry products.

Abrasive, the world's first

Coated Abrasives, the world's second

Superhard abrasive materials, the world's first

Resin cut and polished piece, the world's first

Building industrial diamond products, the world's third

I. Products by Category Category:

1. thin resin abrasive Series: cymbal polished film; hand-held tool with a flat-cut pieces; thin cutting discs; disc cutting machine with a flat-shaped cut sheet;

Thin glass fiber reinforced resin wheel mesh embedded in an organic resin as a binder, the abrasive particles forming consolidation of production from product thickness ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm.

2. Bonded Abrasives Product Series

Products include vitrified and resin bonded grinding wheel, sand tile, petiole or columnar grinding, Whetstone.

Saint-Gobain abrasives with over 25 Thousands of different types of products; is the world's largest manufacturer of abrasive products; products range from the smallest diameter of only a few millimeters to large close 2 Meters (approximately 6 - 1/2 feet), to meet the specific needs of customers may encounter grinding. Vitrified grinding wheels are widely used in a variety of grinding, grinding and polishing grinding areas, such as automotive, aerospace and machine tool industries The resin bonded grinding wheel used in a variety of metal materials processing, welding and metal manufacturing industry, but is also used in higher dimension accuracy requirements and needle roller cylindrical grinding mill processing and other fields.

3. superhard abrasive material product series

Grinding with vitrified (VSS type) CBN grinding wheels and diamond grinding wheel

Vitrified CBN grinding wheel and forming wheel for grinding turbine blade root

Carbide cutter with a diamond grinding wheel complete

Carbide saw blades with diamond grinding wheel

Processing a variety of carbide cutter with a diamond grinding wheel

Diamond grinding wheel for cutter; grooves; corner cutting edge portion

Machining CBN grinding wheel ball bearing fairway

With a strong CBN grinding wheel for fine milling, coarse grinding

Centerless grinding diamond grinding wheel for grinding a carbide rod

Needle bearing polishing CBN grinding wheel

Crankshaft face grinding with vitrified CBN grinding wheel

Metal bonded CBN grinding wheel for crankshaft

Processing a variety of carbide cutting tools; milling; drilling tool with a diamond grinding wheel

With vitrified CBN grinding wheels and diamond wheel of needles centerless grinding

Processing a variety of carbide cutting tools; milling; drilling tool with a diamond grinding wheel

Diamond and CBN Inner circle saw diamond grinding ; Optical Industrial diamond tools ; Diamond honing ; Diamond circular saw blades within ; Diamond shaped rollers and dressing roller ; Diamond dressing

4. Coated Abrasives product family

Coated Abrasives first volume production of National Cheng Kung University; and then converted to a different form of belt; abrasive discs and sandpaper; products are widely used in various processing industries and polishing surface treatment; such as furniture; plate; automotive; casting; jewelery and DIY market.

Belt sandpaper disc sand sand sand volumes Shabu disc page round non-woven non-woven abrasive wheel

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