Taiwan's Tatung TATUNG-OKUMA Grinder Surface Grinder

Taiwan's Tatung TATUNG-OKUMA Grinder Surface Grinder

Product description:

Taiwan's Tatung TATUNG-OKUMA Grinder Surface Grinder

Taiwan's Tatung Okuma (TATUNG-OKUMA) Precision manual grinder features:

1. Taiwan's Tatung grinder work surface to the wheel axle center distance of 385mm, large jigs and dresser can be used.
2. Taiwan's Tatung grinder saddle rails are V-shaped and flat design, affixed with Teflon (TEFLON) resistant film, so light table movement to ensure its accuracy.
3. Taiwan's Tatung grinder electromagnetic pump control lubricant continuous cycle, lubrication of all slide up and down a few around the screw.
4. Taiwan's Tatung grinder column using H-type structure, strength, wide span rails, spindle not oscillate, to ensure the accuracy of finished products.
5. Taiwan's Tatung grinder spindle using ultra-precision (P4) grade ball bearings, shaft deflection at 0.002mm or less sealed grease to ensure long life, the spindle replacement simple and easy.
6. Taiwan's Tatung grinder vacuum system and the present one, to save space, the chip easy to exclude.
7. Taiwan's Tatung grinder attachment complete, for a variety of grinding, give full play to the mechanical properties. The main cast as the base, saddle, table, column FC30 and FCD35 use of materials, high-strength and wear-resistant cast iron, with the interior of the Super reinforcing ribs, and tempered by the mandatory, eliminate stress, to prevent future deformation and maintain mechanical precision.

Datong grinder Model: TSG-350; TSG-2B; TSG-450

Specifications: maximum grinding length: 365 / 470mm

Grinding maximum width: 150 / 160mm

Wheel axis to table distance: 385 / 400mm

Wheel size (diameter * thickness * diameter): 180 * 13 * 31.75

Wheel revolutions: 3600rpm

Wheel motors: 0.75Kw2p

Vacuum motor: 0.4Kw2p

Note: The above products are all imported from Taiwan can provide certificate of origin, and with the cash supply high-precision, high efficiency, high life expectancy.

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