Dawn grinder grinder Shenzhen dawn dawn precision surface grinder

Dawn grinder grinder Shenzhen dawn dawn precision surface grinder

Product description:

Dawn grinder grinder Shenzhen dawn dawn precision surface grinder

Dawn manual surface grinder

Dawn is a combination of Taiwan's Tatung grinder grinder technology, basic structural design of the grinder Okamoto Japan on research and development of products designed for the professional honor from the adjustment of sophisticated material, the whole structure, mechanical principles, accuracy, and even a few years later the body The changes we have done in the continuous development and improvement of the letter, the better! it than the traditional type grinder Taiwan 'is more accurate, more stable, more convenient, more durable', which is more than for the plane grinding, more suitable for small molds shaped grinding, in the mold industry model for higher accuracy requirements, such as: precision plastic injection molds, connectors, electronic hardware, stamping die, the terminal module, semiconductor-related mold industry, lead frame molds, powder metallurgy mold, tool accessories factory and other related use of precision molds.

Dawn grinder machine structure:

This machine castings using advanced wear-resistant castings, and after annealing and natural aging process in order to ensure that no deformation and wear before and after the double 'V' Road, rail, improve the stability and accuracy of the grinding time.

Dawn grinder chute:

This machine around and around the slide rail wear paste imports and by the precision with TURCITEB scraping to extend use of the machine accuracy and service life.

Dawn grinder spindle:

This machine uses integrated spindle used P4-bearing, high-speed rotation at a low noise, low vibration, torque, suitable for cutting and shaping grinding.

Bench grinder dawn Transmission:

Workbench transmission using coated steel wire belt type transmission, reducing replacement rope troubles, table and belt with flexible connections to ensure smooth transmission, hand wheel adjustable handle position, the grinding small work more convenient.

Dawn grinder powerful suction device with built-in dust filter system, less space, effectively filter dust grinding make the work environment more clean and comfortable.

Dawn grinder automatic lubrication system, automatic lubrication cycle can be activated when the spindle to slide and screw to provide lubrication to reduce wear and extend the working life of precision, but also save you the trouble often forget refuel.

Dawn grinder gravity design, sealing rail constant voltage supply, solve the electromagnetic pump oil to the working gap caused by rail precision error.

Dawn Grinder Model:

SGM-350, SGM-450 standard: Table toothed belt drive

SGM-350S drive for the table wire

SGM-350B, SGM-450B built-in vacuum

SGM-1A450, SGM-1A52 about hydraulic drive

SGM-2A450; SGM-2A52 front rear motor; around hydraulic drive

SGM-3A450 2A + up and down as fast

SGM-450AD and down to 2A + servo (three-axis automatic)

Table size: 150 * 350150 * 450200 * 500 (mm)

Maximum grinding length: 365465525 (mm)

Maximum grinding width: 175225 (mm)

Spindle center to table distance: 400 (mm)

Dawn flat polished surface grinder Taiwan original parts, suitable for precision molding grinding, long precision, stability, good life. Suzhou City as dawn quasi Green precision machinery products in East China special agent, to provide customers with sales and warranty repair services. uphold the principles of integrity, will be high quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service to establish long-term good and stable relations of cooperation with customers. Please visit http: //www.zhunqin.com

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