Taiwan Yu Qing automatic grinder grinder grinder Taiwan

Taiwan Yu Qing automatic grinder grinder grinder Taiwan

Product description:

Taiwan Yu Qing automatic grinder grinder grinder Taiwan

Taiwan-Green surface grinder and grinder NC flood

A Taiwan-Green-precision molding grinder manual features:

Taiwan-Green grinder Model: YSG-614 / 614SYSG-618 / 618S

1. Taiwan-Green grinder main cast iron castings using Meehanite high strength, fully annealed without deformation, high rigidity box-shaped structure.
2. Taiwan-Green grinder all slide automatic lubrication system.
3. Taiwan-Green grinder precision spindle motors Direct-V3 stage.
4. Taiwan-Green grinder to ensure accuracy within 0.002mm.

Second Taiwan-Green sophisticated automatic molding grinder series:

Taiwan-Green grinder Model: YSG-618 / 52H / AH

1. Taiwan-Green grinder main cast as the base, saddle, table, column, spindle head etc. Mining 'Meehanite' advanced materials cast iron, annealed, eliminate stress, avoid deforming the future, and down one column for The box-shaped design, thermal displacement to a minimum.

2. Before and after the Taiwan-Green grinder screw adopt precision ball screws, equipped with retractable sheath covering to ensure the accuracy of durability.

3. Taiwan-Green grinder using the most advanced circuit design, so that the table to reduce vibration to a minimum, and the body separated from the liquid fuel tank, preventing the body's vibration, thermal displacement and other unfavorable factors

4. Taiwan-Green grinder of table movement, adopted stepless adjustable rate. About inversion of control by the 1m / min to 25m / min, adopt the most advanced advanced switch, concealed the design, installation, operation absolutely safe, with adjustment affects about itinerary, simple and rapid.

Three Taiwan-Green-precision single-axis NC grinder series:

1. Taiwan-Green grinder Model: YSG-618 / 52AIS, TSG-618 / 52TS

2. Taiwan-Green grinder upper and lower feed use all-digital stepper system or servo system (OPT.), Flat and deep grooves can automatically perform accurate precision machining operations easy. Rich NC function makes work fast and effective. The NC system function parameter that can be found on our website.

Four Taiwan-Green sophisticated surface water grinder series:

1. Taiwan-Green grinder Model: YSG-1020 / 1024H / AH / AHD; YSG-1224/1228/1632/1636 / 1640AH / AHD

2. Taiwan Yu Qing structure grinder rugged, full of high precision heavy cutting ability, can shorten the grinding time and improve operational efficiency. So that customers get the maximum benefit.

V. Yu Qing Taiwan CNC surface grinder series:

1. Taiwan-Green grinder Model: APS-618 / 818A / P / S

2.3 axis servo drives, high-precision linear slide up and down axis, 3 axis ball screw, easy handling CNC controller

Six Taiwan-Green XYZ axis travel:. 150 * 465mm / 200 * 480mm / 200 * 500mm / 250 * 500mm / 250 * 600mm / 300 * 600mm / 300 * 700mm / 400 * 800mm / 400 * 900mm / 400 * 1000mm

Note: The above products are all original imported from Taiwan can provide certificate of origin, and with stock.

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