Taiwan EQUIPTOP Grinder CNC grinding machine gantry grinder

Taiwan EQUIPTOP Grinder CNC grinding machine gantry grinder

Product description:

Taiwan EQUIPTOP Grinder CNC grinding machine gantry grinder

Taiwan surface grinder EQUIPTOP

Taiwan EQUIPTOP Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, specializes in producing high-precision surface grinder, won the British security certification, the Netherlands and Bell international quality assurance certification, CE safety certification, Taiwan Excellence Award, made a number of national patents main products are: Manual / semi-automatic surface grinder, three-axis automatic surface grinder, nanoscale servo control grinder, gantry grinder, CNC cylindrical grinding machines, Vertical machining center, automatic pallet drilling and tapping center machine products.

EQUIPTOP grinder model features:

UF / ESG-618 manual model (table with wear-resistant film slide)

UF / ESG-618M / 818M manual model (Workbench run Bead)

1A: one axis automatic grinding machine

2A: two-axis automatic grinding machine

3A: two-axis automatic, the additional grinding wheel, fast lift.

ASD: three-axis automatic grinding machine, stepper motor to do the lifting fixed-inch function.

ASDII: three-axis automatic grinding machine numerical display control settings, lifting stepper motors do gapping function / ACUMEN as intelligent servo-controlled.

TD: PCL servo control 7.2 'HMI touch panel.

n Patented steel toothed belt drive mechanism: lightweight high precision of the slide table and ball rigorous screening of the composition, light and smooth move, slide to ensure long-term durability.

n Working hand wheel ergonomic, adjustable and convenient user operations.

n Saddles and base V-shaped slide; table and adopt a V saddle slide a flat; both are additional glide piece (TURCITE-B) as sliding interface, through sophisticated scraping treatment to ensure smooth movement and excellent accuracy.

TD Series:

l Patented dual-motor drive

l Excellent safety features around the commutation mechanism, control convenient contactless proximity switch.

l Wheel automatic feed amount minimum 1μm; this series can be set to rise for the lift control point, the starting point and the destination point and the amount of fine grinding wheel pick-up point with a numerical display and touch panel operation easy to learn.

l By lifting the Y-axis by a group of high-efficiency AC motor drive as fast lifting, stepper motors provide micro-step down positioning feed processing grinding.

l The vertical axis position value display window can display the current position of the spindle head, the panel setting values ​​can be set from the grinding points, rough grinding feed rate, fine grinding point, fine grinding feed rate, the target point, pick up points, no intermittent feed empty mill.

l Z-axis saddle lateral movement feed, mining high efficiency brushless DC servo motor drive, for inch forward feed grinding, continuous feed grinding, wheel dressing speed via variable speed control panel.

l Wheel automatic feed quantity minimum 1μm native species for elevation control point can be set to rise, the starting point and the destination point and the amount of fine grinding wheel pick-up point.

l Recycling to the oil pump forced lubrication, both screw and sliding surface, are effective protection was full of lubrication, accuracy and prolong machine life.

l High rigidity cellular column, with high stability, honeycomb-like reinforcing structure, precision grinding load resistance of various weight.

l Patented speed, fixed speed easy to control the throttle

l Double V track with high rigidity casting structure.

l Hydrostatic slide elements - superior abrasion resistance, large double V slide base can reduce the ratio of friction, backlash and put an end to sliding adhesion effect produced; absorb shock and effectively to ensure excellent accuracy.

l Lateral movement using a DC brushless servo drive motor can be controlled before and after the feed rate, respectively, and the maximum benefit to enhance the kibble on fine grinding feed rate setting.

l Y-axis ball screw, servo motor drive, take Mitsubishi PLC computer numerical control and drive exclusive flat grinding, single groove grinding, mechanical coordinates, work coordinates, mechanical output of the control input, menus for use.

l Z-axis scale feedback school lighting panel set position, and with the three-stage grinding under the knife (coarse grinding; grinding; micro mill) backward to the previous set of different values.

l Spindle head circulating cooling water-cooled to ensure accuracy and stability.

l Can be used with optional parallel-type automatic compensation dresser or molding Diamond wheel dresser automatic compensation.

EQUIPTOP deep creep feed grinding machine Machine Model: UHF-614; UHF-618; UHF-618M; UHF-818; UHF-818M

EQUIPTOP manual surface grinder Model: ESG-45; ESG-45M; ESG-614; ESG-618; ESG-618M; ESG-818; ESG-818M

EQUIPTOP semiautomatic Surface Grinder Model: ESG-1A ~ 2A618, ESG-1A ~ 2A818, ESG-1A ~ 2A1020, ESG-1A ~ 2A1224.

ESG-3A618; ESG-3A818; ESG-3A1020ESG-3A1224; ESG-3A1228; ESG-3A1236; ESG-3A1632; ESG-3A1640; ESG-3A2448; ESG-3A2460; ESG-3A2480; ESG-3A3260; ESG-3A3280; ESG-3A32120

EQUIPTOP Automatic Surface Grinder Model: ESG-1020TD; ESG-1224TD; ESG-1228TD; ESG-1236TD; ESG-1632TD; ESG-1640TD; ESG-2040TDESG-618ASD; ESG-818ASD; ESG-1020ASD; ESG-1224ASD; ESG-1228ASD; ESG-1236ASD; ESG-1632ASD; ESG-1640ASD; ESG-6120ASD; ESG-6150ASD; ESG-6200ASD; ESG-8150ASD; ESG-8200ASD; ESG-8300ASD

EQUIPTOP NC / CNC Surface Grinder Model: ESG-NC55; ESG-NC600; ESG-NC700; ESG-NC800; ESG-NC1000

ESG-CNC500; ESG-CNC600; ESG-CNC700; ESG-CNC800; ESG-CNC1000; ESG-VNC8300

EQUIPTOP ACUMEN Surface Grinder Model: ACUMEN-50060070080010001200.

XY axis travel: 150 * 350mm, 150 * 450mm, 200 * 450mm, 250 * 500mm, 300 * 600mm, 300 * 700mm, 300 * 800mm, 400 * 800mm.

1000 * 400mm; 1200 * 400mm; 1200 * 600mm; 600 * 750mm; 600 * 1000mm; 600 * 1500mm; 800 * 750mm; 800 * 1000mm

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