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Lead-free solder bar

Lead-free solder bar
  • Lead-free solder bar
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Electronic, computer, television, automobile, aerospace
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Lead-free solder bar is made of high quality YunXi raw material and Japan the most advanced production technology of the electronic welding materials research and development, in the process of material in strict accordance with the ROHS directive and SS - 00259 standard requirements, from the raw material of smelting, stirring, inspection, perfusion combined with high technology process production. Combined with the modern electronics industry demand the development direction of green environmental protection and reliability of the product, using pure natural yunnan tin ingot to lead-free solder bar production. Under the strict qc control, effectively control the degree of oxidation and metal, non-metallic impurities, tin surface smooth, high purity, good liquidity, after melting excellent wettability, bright spot, oxide slag particles occur very rarely. Suitable for high quality requirements of various wave welding and manual welding, the company continuously research and development, ?

Article, unleaded tin oxidation
? lead free high temperature solder bar
? lead-free tin bar at low temperature
? the lead-free extinction
? lead free silver solder bar
Article tin, other special purposes
1, Sn - 0.7 - Cu lead-free solder
Sn - 0.7 - Cu Soldering Bar
Sn - 0.7 - Cu lead-free solder is Sn (tin) , Cu (copper) of eutectic alloys, eutectic temperature is 227 , 34 higher than the traditional Sn/ Pb solder. In general, Sn - 0.7 - Cu Sn of the working temperature at 270 or so.
Sn - 0.7 - Cu lead-free solder article mainly has the following properties:
A, high strength, good mechanical properties and solder joints reliability
B, low sensitivity to the impurities, stable performance
C, easy recovery, more in line with the eu WEEE directive requirements
D, suitable for all kinds of welding process, can be widely used in the welding of all kinds of brass, TongYuan device

2, Sn - 3.5 - Ag lead-free solder
Sn - 3.5 - Ag Soldering Bar
Sn - 3.0 - Ag lead-free solder melting point is 221 , working temperature 265 . Sn - 3.5 - Ag solder as high melting point solder has begun to enter the practical stage, especially its inherent fine organization and excellent mechanical properties and the use of reliability, become obvious alternative alloy solder accepted by the masses of users.
Sn - 3.0 - Ag solder article has excellent mechanical properties, at the same time, due to Sn Ag generally not solid fusion of Sn - 3.0 - Ag as stability good compounds, Ag solid fusion of Sn doesn't exist, once Ag3Sn formation, high temperature when placed coarsening, not easily also is a good solder heat resistance.

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25.000kg (55.12lb.)
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40cm x 19cm x 15cm (15.75in x 7.48in x 5.91in)