LEAD -FREE SOLDER BAR \ SENJU M35 (SN0.3AG0.7CU) 500G\root \ Invasive and good weldability, oxide particles produce less

LEAD -FREE SOLDER BAR \ SENJU M35 (SN0.3AG0.7CU) 500G\root \ Invasive and good weldability, oxide particles produce less

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Used for welding of electronic appliances high-tech products
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Product Description

Original Japan thousand live lead-free low silver soldering tin/ lead free silver solder bar M35-500 g/ root (piece) , good quality

Supply original (SENJU) Japan thousand live lead-free solder, solder rods) M35 series:

The unit price is the price of 500 g

Brand thousands of live

Types of lead-free solder

Model M35

Composition Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7

The material tin silver copper melting point 220

20 kg/ box packing

working temperature 260-280

Origin of the Japanese

Appearance of silvery white

Product features to reduce copper content, anti-oxidation advantage has good weldability, suitable for all kinds of manual welding and welding machines, components and repair, etc.

Japan thousand live (SENJU) lead-free solder specifications:

1. M705 (SN3.0AG0.5CU ) series: M705, M705E, M705EM, M705EU, M705HT;

2. M708 (Sn 3.0 Ag) series: M708, M708E, M708EM, M708EU, M708HT;

3. M35 (SN0.3AG0.7CU) series:

4 M20 (Sn0.75Cu) series:

Product features and advantages:

Lead-free SOLDER ECO SOLDER BAR, SOLDER is used in a variety of high purity metal materials, under the condition of strict management, to production, and luster of pure tin tin article surface degree is high. Liquidity is good after melting, thermal cycle is superior, the invasive and good weldability, oxide residue produced less, its different alloy solder bar is widely used in all kinds of high quality requirement of wave soldering products and electroplating process etc

Packaging Details

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0.620kg (1.37lb.)
Package Size:
40cm x 20cm x 10cm (15.75in x 7.87in x 3.94in)