AR anti-reflective glass high permeability / high transparent glass / antireflection glass / anti-reflective glass

AR anti-reflective glass high permeability / high transparent glass / antireflection glass / anti-reflective glass

Product description:

Product Description:

AR high transparent anti-reflection glass with high transmittance and low reflectivity at a peak transmittance can reach 99% reflectivity (1% (the iconic application of our products: Grand Gateway square)

product description:

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(Iconic application of our products: Grand Gateway Plaza)

AR high transparent anti-reflective glass (Anti-reflection glass), also known by transmitting glass or anti-reflective glass. The glass is a special glass surface treatment. The principle is the high-quality single-sided or double-sided glass for process treatment. AR High transparent anti-reflection glass with high transmittance and low reflectivity. transmittance can reach a peak of 99%, the reflectance (1% .AR highly transparent anti-reflective glass and ordinary glass compared with more lower reflectance, the reflectance of the light is reduced to 1% or less, ordinary glass in the visible range, its unilateral reflection of approximately 4% of the total of the spectral reflection of approximately 8%. In the glass surface in the visible range The antireflection effect can be achieved by two methods; interference effect is a film produced using different optical materials to eliminate the incident and reflected light, thereby improving the transmittance method, such use of destructive interference of light Production of glass known as AR glass; Another method is to use the rough surface scattering of incident light into a large amount of diffuse light, it will not bring significant changes to the transmittance, this production by the fine roughening The glass called AG glass.

Advantages AR glass

1, the peak value of 99% visible light transmittance of visible light transmittance of above 95%, a substantial increase in LCD.

PDP original brightness, reducing energy consumption.

2, the average reflectance of less than 4%, the lowest value of less than 0.5%, effective weaken due cause behind the screen becomes bright

White's shortcomings, enjoy sharper image quality.

3, more bright colors, contrast enhanced image contrast and more intense color, the scene more clearly.

4, anti-UV, effectively protect the eyes ultraviolet spectral region significantly reduce transmission, which can effectively block the UV on the eye injury.

5, high temperature AR glass temperature) to 500 degrees (80 degrees temperature generally acrylic only)

6, the best scratch abrasion

AR glass and glass film hardness equivalent to more than 7H. (General PC board hardness of about 2H to 3H).

7, can be resistant to various detergent acid and alkaline cleaning agents wipe, the film is not damaged.

8, impact resistance and strong impact resistance equivalent to 6mm 3mm thick acrylic glass.

9, to maintain the perspective of the general acrylic after installation, viewing angle becomes smaller; and AR glass installed after viewing angle does not become smaller.

10, appearance

AR glass surface flatness is far superior to the acrylic coating, and the larger the size, the difference is more obvious.

11, AR glass of hot and cold deformation of almost omitted count, applicable to all types of environment; at the same time, AR glass has a glass sense, look more beautiful

Main applications

General LCD monitors and LCD TV in front of the glass before the file does not increase surface can easily be scratched destroyed, and the perspective of small. Installation on an AR glass, these shortcomings will be overcome out mainly used for display devices such as LCD screen protection TV, PDP TV, laptop, desktop computer monitors, increase high-end instrument panels, touch screens, picture frames and other glass transmissivity reduced reflectivity of electronic products.