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Supply management authority mercury Mercury price quotes Fu Mei Chemical Co., authority management in line with international standards to ensure the quality of the strength to win customer trust Order Line:!!!! 15808757156 Ding Jingli mercury, mercury: a hot selling toxic silver monovalent and bivalent heavy metals, it is the only liquid metal at room temperature, free in nature and exist in cinnabar, calomel and several other ores.

Mercury is often taken by the method of roasting cinnabar and mercury vapor condensation, which is mainly used for scientific instruments electrical instrumentation, control equipment, thermometers, barometers and mercury boiler, mercury and mercury vapor lamp pump

mercury- element symbols Hg.

Commonly known as 'mercury' mercury mercury, Hg.

Also known as mercury, in a variety of metals, mercury is the lowest melting point, just hot hot -38.87 ℃, is the only liquid at room temperature and easy flow of metal.

The proportion of 13.595, 6.9 share vapor.

Melting point -38.87 ℃, boiling point 356.6 ℃.

Density of 13.59 g / cc.

Silver-white liquid metal.

Mercury, mercury, specifications:

1. Chemical composition: a mercury not less than 99.999%

Mercury Uses: Widely used in the electrical instrumentation, chemical reagents, chemical and metallurgical and national defense, lighting.

Container volume for the corresponding steel tanks, or according to user-specific requirements

Product description: high-quality resources from the Middle East!

Price: 320 yuan / kg 11040 / dollar barrel

Packaging: High is 16 cm by 14 cm straight, net 34.5 kg tare weight 1.05 kg

The main hot hot NW 34.5kg / barrel

CAS 7439-97-6

Executive Standard: GB913-85

Product Name: high-mercury, mercury