2014 limited yes flatbed printer multicolor new design mug heat press ce approved machine diy equipment personality high quality

2014 limited yes flatbed printer multicolor new design mug heat press ce approved machine diy equipment personality high quality

Product description:

New design heat press mashine

We are mug heat press machine manufacturer

1 year warranty
High quality, low price, fast delivery
OEM available

Mug Heat Press Machine can imprint images onto mugs. It is widely used for home hobby and sublimation shop in different markets.

This mug heat press is with Vertical design which is suitable for most of mugs. It makes printing more accruate from top-to-bottom.


Solid steel welded framework, scratch-resistant

Digital time and temperature setting cycle memory function, automatic alarm

Replaceable Heater element, easy to operate


Step 1, Place a shaped mug, close the handle with appropriate pressure and then plug the power;
Caution! The machine must to be protective earthling properly before operating. Avoid excessive pressure.
Step 2, Cut the picture size to be large as the mug surface and then put it to the mug by adhesive tape.
Step 3, Setting the temperature to an appropriate (between 180°C- 200°C) by turning the temperature knob;
Step 4, Setting appropriate time, approximate 30 seconds, the temperature rising time is 2 to 4 minutes;
Step 5, Place the picture-wraged mug, close the handle and then turn on the power, red indicator lighting;

The size of picture should be large enough to cover the whole mug surface to avoid singe and impress.

Step 6, The machine shall start the timer automatically and enter the status of constant temperature when the temperature rises to the setting degree;

Step 7, Release the handle when the buzzer rings and take out the mug;
Get rid of the picture paper 3 seconds after the mug to be took out from the machine.

Your customized mug is done! Very Simple : )

If you want print another mug continued, just repeat Step5 to Step 7, you don't need setting temperature and Time again.

Caution! For protecting the heating mat, place the shaped mug all the time and close the handle when the machine is not being used. Another piece of paper should be used to cover the mug surface to avoid the direct touch of the mug surface with the heating mat, when the picture is too small to cover the whole mug surface.

Print a mug you need prepare material & other equipment as below:

1. One Ink jet printer/ six colors (For example: Epson R-230 / R270 / R290 / T50)

2. One CISS (Continuous ink supply system)

Different models of Ink jet Printer will need different CISS

3. Sublimation ink

4. High-temperature resistant tape

5. Sublimation mug / coated mug

6. Sublimation paper

This heat transfer machine can work perfectly for commercial use and or family use. It is good for making promotion products, ad gifts, and souvenirs for companies, factories, hotels, restaurants, shops and schools. Furthermore, it can help you to make lots of unique style items you may want to use dye sublimation for. Perfect DIY gifts for Birthday or Festival, such as New Year's Day, Saint Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and so on.

How to setting temperature and Time?

(Note: Each machine is fully factory tested & set up all of data already prior to shipment, you can use this machine for work directly.)

Set partition procedure: (the temperature shows oC degrees)

Step1: Turn on the power switch.

Step2: press OK key once, display P-1, set highest heating temperature (default 180 oC )

Step3: press OK key twice, display P-2, set proper heating time (default 30s)

(a. Press the up arrow key or down arrow key, set temperature)

(b. Set proper heating time)