Hot Sale New Pyrograph Machine Multi-Function Baking Cup High Quality Accept Wholesale

Hot Sale New Pyrograph Machine Multi-Function Baking Cup High Quality Accept Wholesale

Product description:

2014 The Latest Improvement
1. The product is our company research and development of a new generation of) , will slide rail type new design concept into the thermal transfer machine, standardized production process, quality of material selection. This machine structure is reasonable, durable, smooth and neat, beautiful appearance generous. Welding machine without welds, put an end to the institutional imbalance, easy deformation led to the decrease of the quality of the transfer of the consequences.
2. Compared with the old machine more market competitiveness. The operation is simple, easy to change accessories, transfer printing machine incomparable good quality is also the old one
3. in order to facilitate the use of customer convenience, this machine parts more slippery adopts slide rail replacement method, convenient and flexible. Optimized upgrading of control system, a new intelligent controller, simple operation, accurate temperature control, can be turned degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, with functions of temperature calibration.
1. Electronic digital display control, pressure adjustment is convenient, reliable in performance
2. Frequency, voltage: 220 v, 50 hz
3. Power: 1250 w
4. Hot plate size: 300 mm *300 MM
5. Machine size: 550 mm x 500 mm x 480 mm
6. 8 heating disc pad: 11 cm in diameter
9.10 inch heating plate mat: 15 cm in diameter
10. Heating cup mat size: 11 oz (suitable for the diameter is about 8.1 CM, 9.5 CM high sublimation mugs, baking cup mat (standard 7.5 ~ 9 CM)
11. Roast cap cushion: suitable for the cap along the upper printed image, size is 14 * 8.5 CM
12. weight: 33kg
13. The highest temperature: 399
14. Time control range: 10-600 seconds
15. Heating time. (20-200 ` C) : 5 minutes
16. Real-time display temperature state: automatic alarm