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Pyrograph Machine Multi-Function Thermal Printing Equipment Baking Cup High Quality

Pyrograph Machine Multi-Function Thermal Printing Equipment Baking Cup High Quality
  • Pyrograph Machine Multi-Function Thermal Printing Equipment Baking Cup High Quality
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Machine box gauge

54 * 46 * 49.5 CM

Gross weight


Maximum power machine


Pyrograph heating plate area



110V/ 220V

temperature range

100-200degree centigrade

Time Range


Detailed operating procedure:

1. Check the stamping head connection plug is connected to the electric cabinet and reliable connection socket.

2. Plug in the power supply, open the power switch. (the machine rated voltage 220 v, the maximum input power of 1250 w)

3. Set the operating procedures:

Initial temperature, press mode setting time, at this time, set the indicator, press the addition or subtraction key set the starting temperature.

The highest temperature: press model set for the second time, the temperature indicator, press add or subtract the highest temperature setting.

The high temperature baking time: according to the pattern set the key a third time, time to comment on at this time, press the addition or subtraction key set the most high temperature baking time.

Stay execution status: according to the pattern set button for the fourth time, into a state machine to perform.

Note: initial temperature setting range 100 degrees, the high temperature 200 degrees set range

The high temperature baking time setting range of 0 ~ 999 seconds.

The machine with the temperature setting self-locking function.

Hot stamping: use clean flannelette plate surface, will transfer paper laminating in the disk surface, with high temperature tape sticky is fixed, the porcelain face, placed in the base foam silicone look, such as the pressure is too big or too small, adjustable head height.

'Equipment requirements'

Our shop of a complete set of equipment and consumables sales
Print the cup needs the following equipment:
In addition to the need to deal with the computer image, also need the following things:
1, 6, or a machine
2, 6 color inkjet printer a (advising clients to buy their own local) + empty even for or empty cartridges (put ink in this)
3, the sublimation ink (put them inside the printer)
4, high temperature adhesive tape
5, thermal sublimation paper baking cups
6, auxiliary tool box cutters

'Poor stamping analysis'

A. color slants thin, low temperature or pressure unevenness or time is too short.

B. design fuzzy: time is too long cause ink diffusion.

Matt: c. pattern surface pressure or temperature is too high.

D. local fuzzy pattern: hot stamping area heat distribution.

E. pattern has scar: hot stamping time is too long.

F. design colour shades: stress transfer coating uneven uneven or object.

G. sticker: the temperature is too high or bad object transfer coating.