FRP-DS molded plates

FRP-DS molded plates

Product description:

Specifications : 4-50mm Scope : Desktop drain floor walls, etc. Brand : Ding Sheng
Features: corrosion compression molded plates Material : FRP Origin: Guangdong

FRP-DS molded plates

1, Product Name : FRP-DS molded plates

2. Picture:

3, Features introduced: FRP-DS flat molded fiber prepreg by pressing a composite sheet molding process by having flat plate surface finish higher merit

4, product categories : Thermosetting plastics

5, main components: Resin; chopped fiber; chemical additives

6, Size : Length of up to 1.25. Width up to 2.5m, thickness 3-50mm Can be based on customer requirements ,, Length, color default white, you can also specify RAL color card production according to customers.

7, the main advantages: 1 ) board finish high; 2 ) flat plate surface; 3 ) scratch-resistant; 4 ) easy to clean, easy to install; 5 ) Corrosion resistance; 6 ) Water moisture.