FRP-DS light panel

FRP-DS light panel

Product description:

Specifications: 1-3mm Scope: Skin passenger compartment skin panels and other plants Brand: Ding Sheng
Function: skin panels Material: FRP Origin: Guangdong

FRP-DS light panel

1, Product Name: FRP-DS light panel

2. Picture:

3, Features introduced: FRP-DS light panel is made of synthetic resin and glass fiber made by the process of a thermoset polymer composite material; light weight; high-strength; corrosion-resistant; acid; surface smooth and easy to clean, etc;

4, product categories: Thermosetting plastics

5, main components: Resin; chopped fiber; chemical additives

6, Size: Width up to 2.5m, thickness 1-3mm. Length is not limited, the package (the industry standard 100 m / roll) , Can be based on customer requirements length, color default white, you can also specify RAL color card production according to customers.

7, the main advantages:

1) Lightweight high-strength : Relative density between 1.5 and 2.0, only steel 1 / 4-1 / 5, but close to or even exceed the tensile strength of carbon steel, alloy steel and can be compared with senior strength;

2) Good corrosion resistance: FRP-DS light panels are good corrosion-resistant materials; salt and a variety of oils and solvents have a better ability to resist;; the atmosphere; water and the general concentration of acid; alkali has been applied to all aspects of the chemical preservative;

3) Good electrical properties : Is an excellent insulating material for manufacturing the insulator;

4) Good flatness : Surface smooth and easy to clean, easy to install;