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FRP-DS wool panel

FRP-DS wool panel
  • FRP-DS wool panel
Product code: 20744100001
Unit price: 81-83 CNY
Reference price: 11.78-12.07 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Specifications: 1-3mm Scope: Passenger car plate skin Brand: Ding Sheng
Function: carriage plate skin Material: FRP Origin: Guangdong

FRP-DS wool panel

1, Product Name: FRP-DS wool panel

2. Picture:

3, Features introduced: FRP -DS Wool panel is a kind of automated machinery production; replace manual pasted flat; the integration of the new FRP plate rough surface and on the efficiency advantages of the back of the manual;

4, product categories: Thermosetting plastics

5, main components: Resin; chopped fiber; chemical additives

6, Size: Width up to 2.5m, thickness 1-3mm. Length is not limited, the package (the industry standard 100 m / roll) Can be based on customer requirements ,, Length, color default white, you can also specify RAL color card production according to customers.

7, the main advantages:

1) Similar adhesive surface roughened by hand: Sheet composite surface roughness, without reprocessing, use of high efficiency for resin composite board production process, but also to meet glue composite plate production process requirements.;

2) Flexible sheet size, reduce losses: Because it is the mechanism of production; can achieve continuous; sheet length is unlimited; loss is low; solve the low efficiency of handmade plate; product instability;

3) Increase the contact surface, bonding more strongly: Since the composite surface increases; enhance the contact surface with the medium; reinforced composite bonding strength;