Supply Ding Sheng Ding Sheng 6FRP-DS composite panels

Supply Ding Sheng Ding Sheng 6FRP-DS composite panels

Product description:

Brand: Ding Sheng Model: Ding Sheng 6
Detailed description:

FRP-DS Composite panels

1 Product name: FRP-DS composite panels

2 ,Product Image:

3 Product Features Introduction: FRP insulation; refrigerated composite plate board is the internationally popular new composite sheet; products using a sandwich structure; the outer layer of skin FRP glass plate; intermediate high-density polyurethane foam (sandwich boards also can be selected according to the customer; squeeze plastic plate; honeycomb board, etc.) are widely used in refrigerated compartments, containers, cars, activities room, temporary office, guard post.

4 ,Product Category: Composite materials

5 The main ingredients: FRP sheet; sandwich; embedded parts

6 ,Size: Insulation thickness of 50-100mm; panel thickness 1-3mm range; refrigerated excellent insulation properties (polyurethane sandwich, for example, due to the different layers of different sandwich plate overall performance), in accordance with user needs production Size ..

7 The main advantages:

1) light : Traditional domestic products to reduce weight ratio 30-40%;

2) Insulation performance: FRP panel thermal conductivity of about 0.23W / m2 K, the thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane foam is 0.018-0.028W / m2 K, the overall heat transfer coefficient K can be less than 0.3W / m2 K...;

3) Surface properties: FRP surface has a strong tensile strength, flexural strength and impact toughness, deformation of the atmosphere, rain and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other media have excellent chemical stability; surface finish, UV, insurance light resistance, no color, easy to clean, especially suitable as a variety of car advertising;

4) Impermeability: Double-sided fiberglass panel has impermeability, excellent water resistance;

5) Environmental performance: FRP surface without volatile ease corrosive substances; interlayer insulation sheet filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam boards; green;

6) Easy maintenance: No obvious signs of repair after repair process, which is steel, aluminum car plates incomparable.