FRP-DS incubator dedicated board equipment

FRP-DS incubator dedicated board equipment

Product description:

FRP-DS incubator dedicated board
1, Product Name: FRP-DS incubator dedicated board
2. Picture:

3, Features introduced: FRP-DS incubator dedicated board by my company developed a high-performance polymer composites. Composite ordered by the unevenness of the decorative particles and high-strength glass fiber is made, it has a strong impact resistance to corrosion and unique Appearance.
Having a hardness, toughness, wear resistance, easy to clean, environmental health, easy to install and so on. Does not contain any harmful substances, anti-scratch, shock, because the cleaning and sanitation, is very suitable for clean, high hygiene requirements of places .
4, product categories: Thermosetting plastics
5, main components: Resin; fiber; chemical additives
6, Size: Width up to 2.5m, thickness 1-3mm, length is not limited, the package (the industry standard 100 m / roll), the color can be specified RAL color card production according to customers.
7, the main advantages: 1) environmental protection; 2) Antisepsis; 3) scratch-resistant; 4) easy to clean, easy to install; 5) Corrosion resistance; 6) Water proof; 7) Anti-aging;
8, the main application areas:
A, incubation equipment in the field: Incubation equipment box board material portion of the body, incubation equipment remaining parts:
Since the glass plate with acid, impact resistance and strength characteristics comparable with steel, except that the host material in the outer part of the hatch box board equipment, and the remaining parts of the roadway incubation equipment such as incubators and other equipment in the humidifying basin is to use glass steel production.
B, the construction sector: Partition wall veneer corrosion resistant material 1. freezers, storage rooms; 2. food processing workshop wall corrosion; 3. kitchen, public canteens, catering shop, supermarket, fast food restaurant wall corrosion; 4. Pharmaceutical, laboratory wall corrosion; 5. hospitals, locker room, nursing room; 6 trucks, containers, refrigerated containers inside wall plate; wagon, modified cars, or other special purpose outside trim of transport 7. farms, pet housing and so on.
C, RV field : Automotive, Caravans, motorhomes and other decorations.
9, Quality Assurance: Physical performance test report, sterilization performance test report, environmental inspection reports, safety performance test report, food hygiene inspection reports.
10, FRP-DS incubator dedicated board with the usual color galvanized steel performance comparison:

No. FRP-DS incubator dedicated board Galvanized color plate
1 Insulation performance: no distortion, low thermal conductivity, excellent insulation properties, with PU, XPS, EPS and other sandwich insulation material (heat transfer coefficient of the composite sheet 0.57-0.117kcol /). Insulation performance: in general, easily deformed.
2 Box board corrosion resistance:. FRP incubator dedicated board (FRP) as box board antioxidant acid and alkali, excellent corrosion resistance, but also with fire insulation properties. Box board corrosion resistance: wet environments easily oxidized, poor working environment, easy to rust within a short time.
3 Cleaning performance: FRP incubator dedicated board surface covered with a layer of gel coat, scratch-resistant plate surface, easy to clean, environmentally clean and beautiful. Cleaning performance: impatience scratch, easy to clean, easy to rust.
4 Life: beautiful and clean plate surface, can reach more than 10 years of anti-corrosion requirements Service life: shorter service life of less than 10 years of anti-corrosion requirements. (Note: the hot-dip galvanized trolleys surface zinc layer thickness is very thick; more than a decade to ensure that the use of non-corrosive rust; but the surface quality is not satisfactory ; surface prone to sagging; glitches; zinc tumors and other phenomena)
5 Anti-collision properties: impact resistance and strength comparable with steel Anti-collision performance: In the collision easily deformed, depression.
6 Density: 1.5kg / Density: 10-14kg /
7 Cost: higher prices products package (100 meters), can also be cut to length or be cut according to the standard size. Cost: lower prices.

11, FRP-DS incubator dedicated board relevant test data parameters.
Test parameters: FRP-DS incubator dedicated board by the authority of the 15 kinds of substances of very high concern by acid digestion ICP_AES testing and organic solvent extraction GC_MS, GC_ECD test methods for screening test results showed that the content of the sample 15 kinds of substances of very high concern are less than 0.1%.
Table 1 Physical Properties
Test items Test Methods unit Test Results
Barcol hardness GB / T3854-2005 Hba 54
Tensile Strength GB / T4944-2005 MPa 42
Elongation at break GB / T1040.1-2006 and % 1.55
Tensile modulus GB / T1040.2-2006 MPa 4596
Bending strength GB / T9341-2008 MPa 129
Bending modulus GB / T9341-2008 MPa 4970
Taber abrasion GB / T5478-2008 mg 21
proportion GB / T1463-2005 1.5900
Falling weight impact strength GB / T14153-93 J 0.5
The absolute amount of water absorption GB / T1462-2005 g 0.05
Table 2 Surface sterilization performance
Test items Test methods unit test result
Staphylococcus aureus removal GB15979-2002 % 72
E. coli removal GB15979-2002 % 86
Salmonella removal GB15979-2002 % 78
Shigella removal GB15979-2002 % 77