FRP-DS supply light panel

FRP-DS supply light panel

Product description:

Brand: desun type: Sheng Ding FRP-DS
Detailed description:

FRP-DS Light panel

1 Product name: FRP-DS light panel

2 Product photos:

3 Product features: FRP-DS Panel is made of light synthetic resin and glass fiber composite fabrication of a thermosetting polymer materials; With light; Qiang Gao; Corrosion resistance; Acid and alkali; Advantages of smooth surface is easy to clean;

4 Product category: Thermosetting plastics

5 Main components: Resin; Chopped fiber; Chemical additives

6 Specifications dimensions: Widths up to 2.5m Thickness 1-3mm. Unlimited length And roll (the industry standard 100 m/roll) , Length according to customer requirements, default white color also can be manufactured according to customer specified RAL colour card number.

7 The principal advantage:

1) Light weight high strength Relative density between 1.5-2.0, only 1/4-1/5 carbon steel, but close to or even more than carbon steel tensile strength, and strength can be compared with the high-alloy steel;

2) Good resistance to corrosion: FRP-DS light panel is good corrosion-resistant materials; On air; And concentration of acid water; Alkali; Salt and a variety of oils and solvents have better resistance; Has been applied to all aspects of the chemical preservative;

3) Good electrical properties : Is an excellent insulation material, used to make insulation;

4) Good flatness : Smooth surface is easy to clean, easy to install;