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DS -200 road pouring glue

DS -200 road pouring glue
  • DS -200 road pouring glue
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DS -200 Road pouring glue
Product Details
Product Features
• Single component; facilitate construction; solvent free; after curing non-toxic and tasteless; green;
• excellent mobility, easy to scrape seam operation;
• Low membrane volume; high elasticity; high intensity; flexible durable; does not crack; with excellent sealing and waterproof;
• base station with a variety of good; and no corrosion of the substrate; pollution;
• compatibility of old glue, easy repair;
• water, oil, acid and alkali resistance pierced.
Product Usage
• mainly used for roads, squares, airport runways, roof, basement of expansion joints, settlement joints and other adhesive seal.
• highways, repair Square, roofing, bridges, epoxy and other cracks.
Technical data
Gray paste
Solid content
Liquidity mm
1.35 ± 0.1 g / cm3
Construction of the temperature
Dry time
Loss sticky time
Shelf Life
9 months
Curing time
Elongation at break
≥700 %
Elastic recovery rate%
Adhesive Elongation%
(-10 ℃) Tensile amount%
≥40 %
5Kg / barrel, 20Kg / barrel.
Storage and transportation
• Transport: Moisture, rain, sun, high temperature, away from heat, handle with care, prohibit squeeze collisions.
• Storage: Sealing and storage is at a low temperature; dry place; recommends storage at a temperature of 5 ~ 25 ℃; humidity ≤50% RH environment; prohibit stored at a temperature higher than 30 ℃ or the humidity is greater than 80% RH,
Shelf Life
In the original packaging container, shelf life is not less than nine months, nine months later, passed the test can still be used.
Construction Technology
See related construction process different depending on the application site.
• With the construction of the product must test the construction, while the paint before use to ensure that the case should be qualified product shelf life.
• construction in strict accordance with the construction process, any action in violation of the construction process may cause bonding failure;
• This product is fully cured non-toxic, but before curing should avoid contact with the eyes, skin, and if skin contact with the eyes, first with soap and water or alcohol scrub, then rinse with water.
If the situation is serious, they should immediately seek medical treatment.