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Special two-component polyurethane structural adhesive bonding

Special two-component polyurethane structural adhesive bonding
  • Special two-component polyurethane structural adhesive bonding
  • Special two-component polyurethane structural adhesive bonding
  • Special two-component polyurethane structural adhesive bonding
  • Special two-component polyurethane structural adhesive bonding
Product code: 20739200001
Unit price: 20-1000 CNY
Reference price: 2.92-145.59 USD
Minimum order: 1000
Other info: 100000KG Black White
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Two-component polyurethane adhesive for plastic

1, Product Name: Two-component polyurethane adhesive for plastic

2. Picture:

3, the product features:

Two-component polyurethane adhesive for plastic is a two component, liquid, room temperature curing adhesive. Easy to mix and scratch, with a curing speed, excellent low-temperature operability, heat resistance, cold is good. For metal, wood, rock cotton, polystyrene board, polyurethane, stone and other materials have a very good bond strength; the product has good compatibility without water, formaldehyde and volatile organic solvents.

4, product categories: Polyurethane-based glue, two-component, room temperature curing.

5, Size: The main agent 25KG / barrel, adjuvants 6.25kg / group, co 31.25kg / group.

6 The main advantages: 1) curing speed, maneuverability; 2) can be adapted to the metal; wood; cement; composite materials, and other media between different self and mutual bonding; have reached a good enough adhesive strength; 3 ) old rubber good compatibility; 4) environmental protection, low odor after curing;

7, the construction process: (Composite process sheet for example):




1, material preparation

A, dust cleaning material surface contaminants.

B, the best adhesive surface of the composite sheet is clean, no stains and moisture.

C, if the material is bonded wood, the surface should be smooth, its flatness should be controlled within ± 0.1mm range, its moisture content should be controlled within the range of 8-12%.

Make sure the surface is sticky adhesive has good wettability.

2, the adhesive preparation

A, the adhesive can be used at room temperature in the winter use, try to control the room temperature above 5 ℃.

B, the mixing ratio of the binder main agent and the curing agent A B 100: 25 (weight ratio)

C; the main agent if stratification; before deployment; Stir before using uniform

D, use a blender or by hand mixing the adhesive.

Preheating the adhesive at low temperatures; do not open plastic barrels; ensure consistency barrel binder component

3, glue

A, roll melter: the mixed adhesive into the fabric roller, rubber roller to ensure consistent speed.

B, before you use every day, you should first check the amount of glue, gumming actual plates, and weighed, and then calculate the actual amount of adhesive per unit area.

C, ideal coating amount: 250 to 300 grams / square meter; honeycomb panels will have to reach 450 to 500 g / m2.

D, surface coating plate should be uniform, smooth, no grain or pitting.

In the absence of the composite sheet, not a long time on the rubber in the rubber roller over the transfer.

Ma dotted surface coating will reduce the adhesive bond strength.

4, fitting

A; the bonding adhesive sheet; be sure there are no air bubbles in the adhesive surface; board and the board should take a piece of feed; the middle do not have a gap in order to avoid air bubbles;

B, is strongly recommended, in the bonding sheet, shall be 'first coating, first fit' bonding procedures.

Bubbles will affect the bonding effect.

5, Lamination

A, the program should fit in the glue 5 Performed within minutes;

B; the same press; pressing the same batch of plates should be completed within 40 minutes;

C, recommended pressure: 8-12 kg / cm2;

D, pressing time: more than 4 hours (time may be appropriate to adjust the pressure according to the hardness level of temperature or plate);

E, even pressure to ensure that every piece of board

Make sure when stacked neatly on the pressure plate

6, relief

Before relief, make sure adhesive is substantially cured.

Take a few test-mixed adhesive curing conditions

7. Health

Before relief; good adhesion should be finished for at least one day; the next step before machining

8, Roller Cleaning

The residue of adhesive on the rubber roller to clean, then cleaning agents (acetone, a solvent) fell on the rubber roller, rubber rollers run 5 to 6 minutes, and finally washed with water.

Ensure that the next use, the cleaning agent have been completely removed.

9, shelf life

Product shelf life should be controlled within three months, the shelf life of products during the period must be sealed; if the product in a sealed condition more than three months but less than six months, can be used normally sufficiently stirred.