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Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic

Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic
  • Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic
  • Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic
  • Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic
  • Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic
Product code: 20739000001
Unit price: 45-200 CNY
Reference price: 6.56-29.12 USD
Minimum order: 1000
Other info: 90KG Black White
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One-component polyurethane glue series

1, Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic

1, Product Name: Ding Sheng 88 refrigerated compartment seal adhesive for plastic

2. Picture:

3, Features introduced: Ding Sheng 88 series refrigerated compartment special sealant, is using the new polymer formulations, one-component, low odor, easy construction, environmental protection. Suitable for use refrigerated compartments of various materials interface connections, repair, bonding, sealing Especially FRP refrigerated compartment seal better.

4, product categories: One-component polyurethane-based glue, room temperature curing.

6, Size: Two packaging 20 / box: flexible packaging, 600 ml / support, rigid packaging, 310 ml / support default color is white other colors can be specified RAL color card production according to customers.

7, the main advantages: 1) high modulus; high elasticity; ultrahigh strength; strong cohesion; does not crack; 2) Single component; wet cured; thixotropic excellent; facade coating is not flowing; facilitate construction; 3) old rubber compatibility good, easy repair; 4) absence of a solvent; after curing non-toxic and tasteless; green; 5) Water; oil; Acid; do not mildew; 6) puncture-resistant; anti-aging; weathering; fatigue; 7) with a variety of substrates have good adhesion; 8) no corrosion to the substrate; the surface can be polished; painting;

Attached ( Traditional silicone rubber and the refrigerator compartment special sealant comparison table )


Test items

Traditional silicone rubber (commonly known as glass, plastic)

Refrigerated compartment special sealant



The intensity is not high

high strength



Flexibility Fair

Good flexibility


Environmental Protection

Easy to pollution, environmental damage

No pollution, environmental protection


And metal adhesion

And metal adhesion is not strong

Any material with high adhesion strength, solid



Not easy to repair

Easy to repair


Damage resistance

Easy to destroy, easily piercing

Not easy to damage, puncture resistant



Unable to polish

Can be polished


Exterior Decoration

Exterior painting can not do

You can make the appearance, you can paint

8; transport; storage and shelf-life:

• Transportation: moisture; anti-rain; sunscreen; anti-high temperature; away from heat; Handle with care; prohibit extrusion collision;

• Storage: Sealing and storage is at a low temperature; dry place; recommends storage at a temperature of 5 ~ 25 ℃; humidity ≤50% RH environment; prohibit stored at a temperature higher than 30 ℃ or the humidity is greater than 80% RH environment;

• Shelf life: in the original packaging container, the shelf life of not less than nine months, nine months later, passed the test can still be used.

9, the technical parameters:








White paste



Shear strength



1.30 ± 0.05 g / cm3


55±5 Ao

Construction of the temperature


Dry time

≤60 min

Tensile Strength


Shelf Life

9 months

Curing speed

3 ~ 5mm / d

Elongation at break

≥400 %

10, the main applications:

Adhesive seal between the steel and steel products;

Bonding steel and FRP plate seal;

High-grade furniture, all kinds of flooring installed bond sealed box;

Self-adhesive metal, ceramics, stone, glass, wood and other materials, and stick each seal, or suitable for the requirements of high strength seam sealing, bonding and so on.

11, the construction process and recommendations

• Different refer to the relevant parts of the construction process according to the application.

• With this product and primer, activation agent ancillary products to treat sticky substrate adhesion test must first be carried out before bonding to ensure that they have good compatibility, while in use should ensure that the main glue, end of plastic, activation agents belong to qualified products shelf life.

• construction in strict accordance with the construction process, any action in violation of the construction process may cause bonding failure;

• This product is fully cured non-toxic, but before curing should avoid eye contact with the skin, if skin contact with the eyes, first scrub with soap and water or alcohol, then rinse with water, if the situation is serious, they should immediately seek medical treatment .