GRP construction, automotive skid plate

GRP construction, automotive skid plate

Product description:

GRP construction, automotive skid plate

1, Product Name: fiberglass construction, automotive skid plate

2. Picture:

3, Features introduced: FRP construction, automotive skid plate By my company developed a high-performance polymer composite material by with anti-skid particles and high-strength glass fiber composite made of, it has a strong anti-slip properties, impact corrosion resistance, unique look.

With high slip resistance, corrosion resistance, wear, beautiful color, hardness, toughness, wear-resistant, easy to clean, environmental health, easy to install and so on. Does not contain any harmful substances, anti-scratch, shock, very suitable for automotive floor, container floor, building skid plate and other requirements of the occasion.

4, product categories: Thermosetting plastics

5, main components: Resin; fiber; chemical additives

6, Size: Width up to (2.5m), the thickness of 1-3mm.

7, the length limitation: Package) industry standard 100 m / roll) Color can be specified RAL color card production according to customer) 7, the main advantage) 1) Environmental slip; 2) Antisepsis; 3) scratch-resistant; 4

8, easy to clean, easy to install; 5:

A, corrosion resistance; 6: Water-proof; 7

B, anti-aging;: 8, main applications

C, A, container floor: Medium-sized container floor, requiring non-slip, corrosion and abrasion resistance, scratch, easy to clean.

9, B, car bottom: Specialized vehicles such as refrigerated and insulated trucks, RVs, Motorhomes and other places slip resistant.

C, the construction sector