FRP compartment skin panels ( matte )

FRP compartment skin panels ( matte )

Product description:

FRP compartment skin panels ( matte )

1, Product Name : FRP compartment skin panels ( matte )

2. Picture:

3, Features introduced : FRP compartment skin panels ( matte ) It is an automated machinery production; replace manual pasted flat; the integration of the new FRP plate rough surface and on the efficiency advantages of the back of the manual ;

4, product categories : Thermosetting plastics

5, main components: Resin; chopped fiber; chemical additives

6, Size : Width up to (2.5m) ,, Thickness 1-3mm.

7, the length limitation :

Package ) Industry standard 100 m / roll : Based on customer requirements can be cut to length, color default white, you can also specify RAL color card production according to customers.

7, the main advantage ) 1: Similar adhesive surface roughened by hand

Sheet composite surface roughness, without reprocessing, use of high efficiency for resin composite board production process, but also to meet glue composite plate production process requirements; . ) 2: Flexible sheet size, reduce losses

Because it is the mechanism of production; can achieve continuous; sheet length is unlimited; loss is low; solve the low efficiency of handmade plate; product instability ;