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Fish 600 Vacuum Tumbler 15054837700

Fish 600 Vacuum Tumbler 15054837700
  • Fish 600 Vacuum Tumbler 15054837700
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Other info: 60000KG
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15054837700 Shandong Spring Vacuum Tumbler; 600 Tumbler; fish Tumbler

Spring Vacuum Tumbler under vacuum; the impact of the use of physical principles; let product (Meat fish, vegetables, poultry and aquatic) scroll up and down within the drum; collide with each other; beat; reach massage; the role of pickled; the product ( meat and fish; vegetables; poultry; aquatic) uniform absorption pickled, improve product (fish meat; elasticity aquaculture, etc.) and product focus knot;; vegetables; poultry This machine has lung Hu suction function, so that products (meat, fish; vegetables; poultry; aquatic products, etc.) do in the drum expansion; reduced reciprocation; to improve the product (meat fish; vegetables; poultry; fish and other structures) organization to improve the aspect effect, increasing the production rate can increase water retention. improve the internal structure of the product.

Pictures can be pickled fish aquaculture, Spring tumbler

Spring Tumbler obtained using the following effects:

(1) A pickling liquid evenly absorbed in the raw meat

(2) enhance the binding force of the meat, the meat improving elasticity

(3) to ensure slice of meat; produce cracks when broken prevent slices; increase water retention; improve export Truth

(4) improve the tenderness and structural stability of the product

(5) the unique V-shaped teeth can make the product from damage during processing epidermis

Tumbler has the following features:

Setting tumbling working hours

Setting intermittent tumbling time

Vacuum tumbling time

Continuous tumbling; intermittent tumbling; reverse the material

Appliances are controlled by computer-controlled water

Reversible time control

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