Zhucheng Spring pasteurized milk bar dedicated machine 100L

Zhucheng Spring pasteurized milk bar dedicated machine 100L

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Heated milk pasteurization machine
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Material: SUS304 single tank directly heated, polyurethane foam, small footprint, and affordable.
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Milk pasteurization machine
Price: 100L 150 price 10,000 yuan 11,500 yuan please call 15054837700 QQ: 2394887577
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Pasteurized milk sterilization machine working process: water temperature and milk temperature set, the water temperature exceeds the set temperature circulating pump cycle sterilization layer into the cold water to reduce the temperature, low temperature sterilization when milk into hot water circulating pump, raise the water temperature, so the water temperature is always maintained Milk tank above the set temperature with a stirring device, stirring milk to make milk is heated evenly by stirring means pasteurized milk bar machine body composition:. circulation tank and the milk tank water circulation tank divided into two layers, the upper lower cold water, By refrigeration compressor refrigeration, the water cycle by circulating water pump out water. milk cans into three layers, the outermost layer is the insulation layer, an intermediate layer of hot water sterilization, the inner layer is milk. Milk pasteurization machine, its It is constituted by the base, pitcher, milk cans, refrigeration compressors, circulating pumps, circulating water of six parts, including tank is divided into two layers: an upper layer of the hot water tank, the lower part of the cold water tank, water tank rear by the level meter, circulating water composition; milk cans milk cans by the body, put the milk mouth, roof, composed of four parts support frame; wherein the cap by the reducer, agitator, thermometer, endoscopic, open pores of five parts.

Spring pasteurized milk tank has a variety of price points; refrigeration party class, there are ice cold refrigeration cycle three kinds of air conditioning and refrigeration

Model: 100L 150L

Pasteurized milk sterilization machine, principle milk pasteurization machine, milk pasteurization machine is in a certain temperature range, the lower the temperature, the slower the bacteria; the higher the temperature, the faster the propagation but the temperature is too high bacteria will die. Different bacteria have different optimum growth temperature and heat resistance, cold ability.
Pasteurized milk sterilization machine, milk pasteurization machine, milk pasteurization machine is actually not very resistant pathogens use features, treatment with the appropriate temperature and time, the entire kill.
After pasteurization; milk remains a small part of the harmless or beneficial; the more resistant bacteria or bacterial spores; this effectively preserves the nutritional content of milk; milk more healthy; the taste is more pure
Pasteurized milk sterilization machine, milk pasteurization machine, milk pasteurization machine equipment main body are made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel sterilization equipment sterilization time 5-40 minutes adjustable;. Sterilization temperature 50-99 degrees Celsius adjustable and set automatic temperature control device.
Pasteurized milk sterilization machine, milk pasteurization machine, milk pasteurization machine plus a holding facility and a temperature compensation device, effectively ensuring the balance of the tank water temperature to ensure that sterilization effect.

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