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Usb splitter | one to four | computer conversion usb hub splitter | multi-interface switch hub extension

Usb splitter | one to four | computer conversion usb hub splitter | multi-interface switch hub extension
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: czckool / pool vibration
  • Interface nature: USB extension HUB
  • Length: 0.6m 1m 0.3m
  • Color classification: 7 bold black 7 mouth bold white four independent switch black white black HUB3.0 version black support mobile phone charging HUB3.0 version white support mobile phone charging
  • Whether external power supply: no external power supply
  • Item No .: USB2.0 HUB USB extension

Pro, if you are remote areas, be sure to contact us and then photographed, because the local shipping is too high not too much Oh.

Note: pro, we only made rhyme courier Oh, such as the need for other courier, first contact our customer service Oh, thank you.

The new design, more avant-garde and more fashionable.High-speed USB 2.0 4PORT HUB, design is very beautiful, bright and practical.This product is small and compact, easy to carry. (For parents who can charge this problem, because the limitations of FE1.1DE, hub mainly used to transmit, for the charging current, a lot of mobile phone current, so some of the phone can use, or can not be used, such as iphone4 can , So the pro would like to mainly used to charge, or to carefully consider and then buy Oh, a lot of small screen input and output current of small mobile phones are supported (probably less than 1 amp), do not charge us Poor comment Oh, we always strive to do a good job in every product, thank you!)

This section applies to multiple U disk, keyboard, mouse, USB lights, USB fans, scanners, digital cameras, digital video cameras, audio systems, monitors, input devices, mobile hard drives and so on.

The new design, more avant-garde and more fashionable. High-speed USB 2.0 4PORT

HUB, the design is very beautiful, bright and practical. This product is small

Clever, easy to carry.

Chip: FE2.0 chip, the real high-speed chip (with 1000G mobile hard disk)

About 67CM, high-speed interface, up to 480Mbps, and backward compatible with 1.1,1.0 and other standard specifications.

Equipped with 4 USB ports, with hot-swappable, plug and play.

Current protection, support for overload voltage and instantaneous current protection, the use of safe and convenient.

Work indicator: blue

Operating Humidity: 10% - 90%

Operating voltage: 5V

Operating current: 500mA

Operating temperature: -20C - 75C

Storage temperature: -40C - 85C

Support system: Windows 95/98/2000/2003 / ME / XP / Vista win7, 8 or Mac OS 8.1 or above (Windows 95/98 system need to install the driver)

Such as the power supply is not enough, this section can be an external 5V power supply, can bring more equipment, faster transmission, HUB side can be inserted 3.5MM connector hole. Very convenient! (Pro, the device can not be directly plugged into the charger port, Can only be used for computer usb interface, or easy to damage the device Oh!