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GUSGU iphone5s foil | Apple 5s foil | 5C protective film | 5SE mobile phone film before and after the film HD

GUSGU iphone5s foil | Apple 5s foil | 5C protective film | 5SE mobile phone film before and after the film HD
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: GUSGU / Gu Shang ancient
  • Model: iPhone5 / 5s protective film
  • Material: pet
  • Film features: matte anti-fingerprint HD
  • Film type: the whole body membrane
  • 5: 5 / 5s / 5se 'Imported high-definition front and rear film' 5 / 5s / 5se 'Imported matte front and rear membrane' 5 / 5s / 5se '
  • Applicable to the brand: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5s

Have a customer consultation 'why is your home film so cheap?'

Here to tell you: because my shop in the red credibility, the protective film is a loss of the price to sell, earn no money to make money! I am here to do is the most affordable the most real film, I also use, Oh!

Have a customer asked: buy a few films appropriate?

I think: buy more than three more appropriate, because I did not post the first post good, of course, not to say that you are not bad, my friend has a very professional film technology, it will inevitably be wrong. Product, you prepare a few more, it will not be critical time anxious.

common problem:

1, bought it HD The buyer may say, how are the fingerprints, too uncomfortable it!Bought it Scrub May be said, how so unclear ah?

A: There is a fingerprint on the HD film is inevitable, high-definition like no paste the same, like a transparent glass surface touched a few times a finger printed a truth; frosted film is essentially the feeling of fog, clarity Certainly better than the HD to the poor, the current level of technology are like this, the market is also the case of high-end film, please understand!

2, what kind of membrane I choose which?

A: The general players most of the choice of frosted, play what the game feel better, of course, there are pro-resolution requirements can also choose high-definition, in short, look at the individual slightly! (Anti-fingerprint film is actually no way to do 100 % No fingerprints, can only reduce the fingerprint, the most important thing is to reduce the feeling of oil).

3, on the film and after-sales problems?

We are factory direct sales, the price is the wholesale price.For how to paste the phone film will know nothing, at any time to answer your questions. IPhone4 screen is relatively large, it is easy to uneven, a little difference, while less , If you have no confidence in their own, the treasurer recommended or please others posted, better, the individual buyers themselves posted bad, for a variety of reasons to ask the shop Re-issued a, not to send bad feedback 'bad service' 'product quality problems do not paste the screen' for such a pro, treasurer please click on the right side of the Want, we can not afford to hurt, thank you.


Pro, the shop sold the film all with high-grade packaging, not the market low-cost bare film Oh!


★ foil before the screen must ensure that there is no small dust

★ When the film to avoid the foil with the foil veneer contact, so as not to leave dust in the veneer, paste when there will be bubbles.

★ best to ensure that once posted so as not to leave again when the paste dust, paste the bubble after

Film technology:
The first step, in the absence of the indoor air with a clean soft cloth to clean the screen to ensure that no gray on the screen
The second step, prepare a little transparent glass tape backup
The third step, the transfer surface opened up a small part
Part 4, aiming the edge of the screen will screen veneer adsorption on the screen
Fifth, slowly transfer the surface from the following out, of course, to see the screen veneer and mobile phone mirror adsorption effect
The sixth, completely out of the transfer surface, if the screen is affixed with three layers, the top layer that layer to tear off, the end of the film
In the process of attaching, if there is a bubble, pay attention to see the bubble below the dust is in the phone or film, with a spare tape stick to it.