GUSGU iphone5s film | Apple 5s film | 5C protective film | HD film mobile phone film before and after 5SE

GUSGU iphone5s film | Apple 5s film | 5C protective film | HD film mobile phone film before and after 5SE

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: GUSGU / ancient worship of the ancient
  • Model: iPhone5 / 5s protective film
  • Material: pet
  • Film Features: HD anti-fingerprint matte
  • Foil type: Membrane body
  • Color Classification: Imported high-definition film before and after (5 / 5s / 5SE) before and after the matte film imports (5 / 5s / 5SE) imported high inventory before the film (5 / 5s / 5SE) import single matte film before (5 / 5s / 5SE)
  • For brand: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5s

A customer consultation 'Why are you so cheap family film?'

Here to tell you: Because I shop in punch credibility, the protective film is at a loss to sell, earn popularity does not make money! I do here is really the most affordable most of the film, then I myself, Oh!

A customer asked: buy some film appropriate?

I think: Buy three or more appropriate, because the first time I quote quote no good, of course, does not mean that your posts are not good, my friend had a very professional posts membrane technology, will inevitably mistakes and film are consumable. product, you prepare a few, it will not be a critical time anxious.

common problem:

1, buy HD The buyer might say, how are fingerprints Yeah, too bad it!Buy Scrub Might say, is not so clear how ah?

A: The high-definition film fingerprint is inevitable, as there is no definition of the same stick, like transparent glass touch surface has several fingerprints truth; is there foggy feeling matte film essentially clarity certainly better than some of the high-definition difference to the current level of technology are like this, then the high-end market is a film like this, please understand!

2, several films which do I choose?

A: Generally most of the players are selected frosted, play games or something feel better, of course, there are pro-choice clarity required to be HD, slightly short of personal (anti-fingerprint film is actually no way to be 100! % no fingerprints, can only reduce the fingerprints, the most important is to reduce the oily feeling).

3, on the film and after-sales problem?

We are factory direct sales, price is the wholesale price for how good phone stickers film will be all you know, ready to answer the problem you are experiencing. IPhone4 screen is relatively large, it is easy to missing, a little bit of difference, on the side of less , tilt to one side, it may take a few more stickers affixed to positive, a bit of patience. If you do not have confidence in yourself, or ask someone to recommend dispensers paste, good, individual buyers own stickers bad, for various reasons OUR requirements re-issued one, not backward comment send 'bad service' 'products have quality problems do not fit the screen' for such a pro, treasurer Want urge on the right, we can not afford injuries, thank you.

Attention to it:

Pro shop sold all film with high-end packaging, the market is not cheap bare film Oh!


★ foil before make sure there is no dust on the screen a little bit

★ foil when the fingers to avoid the veneer exposure of keep abreast film, so as not to leave dust veneer, paste when there will be bubbles.

★ best to ensure a good stick to avoid leaving dust stick again when, after pasting bubbles

Foil techniques:
The first step, in the absence of indoor wind with a clean soft cloth to wipe the screen clean, to ensure that no gray on the screen
The second step, prepare a little transparent glass tape backup
The third step, the surface of the transfer roll opened a small part
The fourth part, aligning the edges of the screen will display on the screen veneer adsorption
Fifth, slowly transfer surface drawn from below, of course, be optimistic about the screen attached to the surface adsorption and cell phone mirror
Part VI, completely out of the transfer surface, if the screen affixed with three layers, the uppermost layer of the tear film end
In the attachment of the process, if there is a bubble, note the bubbles below the dust is on the phone or foil, adhesive tape off to spare.