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Crystal TS-215F | Shanghai | VAT invoice | tax control scanner | two-dimensional code | tax certification |

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Crystal
  • Crystal model: TS-215F
  • Scanning element: CIS
  • Scanner Type: Flatbed Scanner
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Maximum format: A4

Microtek began in 2002, which involves the continued sale of scanners in the tax industry, and the application of the tax industry scanners has its own characteristics.The application of the entire tax industry is relatively large and complex, but also involves a variety of business The tax system of the tax items, etc., and Microtek crystal technology is also with the development of the national tax industry, and constantly upgrade and develop their own unique scan Instrument products.
ArtixScan TS 215F as a new member of the tax certification scanner family, is Microtek tailored for enterprise customers an A4-format fast flatbed scanner, with stylish gorgeous appearance, design for the side flip cover, the speed is reached Full-format only 11 seconds of scanning speed and the use of LED light source design, without any preheating can be scanned at any time to keep the image distortion.
Through the random standard ScanWizard DI driver can also be used as a normal document scanner, truly a machine more convenient and convenient.

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