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api best price (rubber seald)15 1\2' IADC517GTS tungsten carbide drill bit

api best price (rubber seald)15 1\2' IADC517GTS tungsten carbide drill bit
  • api best price (rubber seald)15 1\2' IADC517GTS tungsten carbide drill bit
Product code: 20691700001
Unit price: 250-3500 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Fist bit
  • Model Number: triconebit-1
  • Type: tricone bit
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Use: Well Drilling
  • blue: alloy feeth
  • rubber/ metal sealing: Adapted to the complex formation
  • Bit API or ISO 9001: Bit size 6'-17 1/2
  • Bit high quality and low price: Bit more inventory
  • Bit $300-3000$: TT / L/ C

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: wooden box; steel box; or as your requirements
Delivery Detail: within 7-15 work days


1-Bit API or ISO 9001
2-Bit size 6'-17 1/2
3-Bit high quality and low price
4-Bit $300-3000$
5-Bit more inventory

1, Structure features:

1) with high precision bearings with neck to slide, two way thrust bearing; Tooth palm bearing surface surfacing hard alloy and cone bearing with reduced after welding together gold silver, improve the bearing capacity and resistance to bite ability.

2) the high precision metal seal, metal seal by a pair of elaborate design processing of metal sealing ring as bearing to dynamic seals, two high elastic rubber function circle, which located in the teeth palm and die as static sealing seal area, the optimization of the seal compression ensures that the two metal ring seal surface always kept in good contact.

3) steel ball lock die, suitable for the high speed.

4) the differential pressure and prevent drilling fluid restrictions in the lubricating system all rubber oil storage sac, for bearing system provides good lubrication guarantee.

5) 250 ° C temperature the high temperature, abrasion resistance of new grease.

6) set the teeth bit high strength and high toughness carbide gear, optimize the design of the tooth row number, gear, toothy height and unique alloy tooth shape, give full play to the set high wear resistance and excellent teeth bit of cutting ability. Steel teeth drill tooth face apply welding new wear-resistant materials, in keep steel teeth bit high mechanical penetration rate at the same time, improve the drill bit cutting teeth life.

Product advantage:

HJ series in the world at present the drill bit one of the most advanced sealing technology, metal seal face, can stable in high speed drilling, is deviated, horizontal well drilling ideal tool. And the conventional rubber ring seal bit compared, in the drilling parameters under the condition of the same, the average life expectancy (pure drill time) can be increased by 35%.

2, products details

3, Packing

or steel box

4, Certificate:

5, we can provide more size

6, size and model we can provide

HJ series with the three oil disc bit optional size, type:

bit size (in) bit size (mm) bit typeAPI size (in) (KN.m)
8 3/8212.7HJ437G; HJ517GL; HJT517GL; HJ537GL; HJT537GH4 1/216.3- 21.7
8 1/2215.9HJT117; HJT137; HJ417; HJ437; HJT447G; HJ517G; HJ517GL; HJS517G; HJ537G; HJT537GH; HJS537GL; HJ547G; HJ617G; HJT617GH; HJ627G; HJ637G; HJT637GH; HJ737G; HJT737GH4 1/216.3- 21.7
8 3/4222.3HJT117, HJT537G4 1/216.3- 21.7
9 1/2241, . 3HJ437; HJ517G; HJT517GL; HJ537G; HJT537GL; HJ617G; HJT617GH; HJ637G; HJT637GH6 5/837.9- 43.3
9 5/8244.5HJ537G6 5/837.9- 43.3
9 7/8250.8HJT117; HJ417; HJ4376 5/837.9- 43.3
10 5/8269.9HJT127; HJT137; HJT517G6 5/837.9- 43.3
12 1/4311.2HJT117; HJT117G; HJ127; HJT127G; HJ137; HJ417; HJ437; HJ517G; HJS517G; HJ537G; HJS537G; HJ617G; HJ637G6 5/837.9- 43.3
17 1/2444.5HJ517G, HJ527G, HJ537G.7 5/846.1- 54.2

7, Payment terms

T/ T and L/ C are acceptable. (30% advanced payment after sign the contranct , then 70% payment after see the B/ L)

8, contact person

9, plz add this formation in you inquiry

1) the size of the tricone bit.

2) the IADC tooth model, like 537G

3) plz tell the drilling information of the layer.

4) plz tell the quantity.