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High security watermark security paper A4

High security watermark security paper A4
  • High security watermark security paper A4
  • High security watermark security paper A4
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Stamping products:

Means stamping on paper, cardboard, textiles, coating type and other objects, using the hot press method or hot stamping material version pattern transfer process to be hot on the matter. Stamping is an important means of plastic surface decoration, also household appliances, consumer electronics products commonly used as a decorative craft


1, A variety of different designs, shapes, colors, size can be customized

2, Materials and environmentally friendly ink

3, Our products are tough security, high-quality products, high-end visual.


1, Material: hot stamping, color color film stamping foil stamping, foil stamping and other stamping etc.

2, Colour: Bright gold, satin, Asian gold, ADB, brushed, chrome foil, fixed by guests

3, Size: given by the guest

4, Applications: wide range of applications, such as paper products stamping , Textile stamping, stamping and decorating materials, plastic products, stamping, etc.

5, image / Shape: upon request

6, MOQ: 10000 Gold

7, Delivery: We offer DHL, UPS, TNT. Federal Express or airmail shipping

8, Production time: probably after receipt of payment 3-12 Workdays

10 ,payment method: T / T, L / C Western Union, Alipay or according to the specific requirements of the guests

11 , Port: China, Guangdong, Dongguan

12 Packing details: with OPP Bags, nylon wrap on our special cardboard box, or by request package

Stamping technology advantages:

1, Good quality, high precision, stamping edge clear, sharp.

2, Surface gloss, stamping pattern bright, smooth.

3, Wide choice of hot stamping foil stamping foils such as different colors, different gloss effects foils, as well as hot stamping foils for different substrates.

4, Hot stamping process has a prominent advantage is that you can be three-dimensional stamping. Using CNC engraving plate ( CNC ) Made way stereo version stamping, stamping processed into graphic makes a clear three-dimensional level, in print surface relief effect and creates a strong visual impact. Stereoscopic stamping allows the package has a unique touch .


1 On various security instruments, such as coupons, vouchers, tickets, bonds, certificates, etc.

2 On paper labels, such as wine labels, tags, etc.

3 , PET, PP On, such as windshield labels, plastic cards. PVC Cards

4 On textiles, such as clothing, cloth and other

Stamping on the bearer of the above there is a strong anti-counterfeiting and aesthetic effect.