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High-quality 3D holographic security labels

High-quality 3D holographic security labels
  • High-quality 3D holographic security labels
  • High-quality 3D holographic security labels
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Product Description:

1. Multi-channel hologram (up 5-6 layer)

2. 2D-3D Three-dimensional holographic

3. With hologram serial number

4. in logo Microfilm or any other image under

5. Holographic dot matrix


1, You will see different images from different angles appear

2, Holographic will produce true color rainbow effect

3, A variety of different designs, shapes, colors, size can be customized

4, Materials and environmentally friendly ink

5, Our products are tough security, high-quality products, high-end visual.


1, Material: adhesive paper, transparent PP / PVC / PET / PC / BOPP / PE Wait

2, Surface: glossy surface. UV Points, gold / Silver stamping film, matte lamination

3, Color: various colors PET The film has , Guests can choose from.

4, Size: given by the guest

5, Application: various industries

6, image / Shape: upon request

7, MOQ: 10000 Gold

8, Delivery: We offer DHL, UPS, TNT. Federal Express or airmail shipping

9, Production time: probably after receipt of payment 3-12 Workdays

10 ,payment method: T / T, L / C Western Union, Alipay or according to the specific requirements of the guests

11 , Port: China, Guangdong, Dongguan

12 Packing details: with OPP Bags, nylon wrap on our special cardboard box, or by request package

Holographic technology advantages:

1, Holographic produce 2d / 3d Laser effects and vivid patterns include logo , Character image or animation

2, In fact, the hologram is almost impossible to counterfeit and brand are unique.

3, The hologram can also be used as a trademark, any industry can strengthen their brand image in the market through the hologram.


1 , 3D Hologram: True color three-dimensional holographic security standard from a different perspective when colorful holographic image and perspective you can see a completely different image from different perspectives in..

2 Holographic stay open word mark: standard can be opened, it will display some text or coding opened below, the content can be specified.

3 , Disposable laser logo: standard can not be reused, when torn when it will be destroyed.

4 Permanent laser logo: label can be reused, while tearing the subject, the image will not be destroyed.

5 Holographic surface stay open word labels and seals: stay open character labels and seals are widely used in the packaging label or seal if someone ripped marked below the specified text, code or image will be exposed on the surface of the packaging article. , it has reached the security effect or opened effect.

6 Frangible holographic security label: This hologram is damaged when moving, holographic surface can also do a hologram embossed on the back can be used instead of white paper (for example: instead of the current conventional surface silver holographic, NA me is the back silver hologram), since such practice helps clean and tidy effect of the product level, while not be anti-risk.

7 You can bring water number, easy to manage and query number inflows which side market segment.

8 , But also can encrypt effect, the surface can not see, you can see by examining the piece of security content and images (content may be proprietary guests do go handwritten signature)