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Langsha big red cotton socks fall and winter natal men and women New Year couple couples trampled red socks

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Langsha LV8166
  • Time to market: fall 2015
  • Even number: 1 pairs
  • Brand: Langsha
  • Style No: LV8166
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Fabric material composition: cotton 78.6% polyester fiber 18.7% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 2.7%
  • Color classification: female models Taifu step on the villain models auspicious stepped on the villain men Taifook step on villain men auspicious step on the villa female models solid color male models solid color
  • Size: male models '38 -46 'code female models '34 -40' code
  • Tube height: the tube
  • Thickness: Conventional
  • Socks function Uses: Benming years
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable sex: couple
  • Applicable season: Four Seasons