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2012 bestsales 152.4mm HA517G tricone bits, tricone bit

2012 bestsales 152.4mm HA517G tricone bits, tricone bit
  • 2012 bestsales 152.4mm HA517G tricone bits, tricone bit
Product code: 20584500001
Unit price: 2500-3700 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: JH
  • Model Number: All type
  • Application: drilling/ oil/ well
  • Shape: hammer
  • Material: Alloy metal
  • Dimensions: Normal
  • Chemical Composition: Alloy
  • Blue: metal&rubber bearing
  • For complex formation: alloy tooth

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: wooden case, or steel case outesideor as your requirements
Delivery Detail: 7-15 wokdays


151-Bit API or ISO 9001
2-Bit new and used
3-Bit $1500-3700
4-Bit all size
5-Bit metal&rubber seald bearings

152.4mm IADC 517G tricone bit (rubber seal bearing)

Structure features:

1, the sliding bearing form. Tooth palm bearing surface surfacing layer of hard alloy, cone bearing with reduced after welding together gold for silver, improve the bearing capacity and resistance to bite ability;

2, bearing type O sealing ring is wear-resistant, high temperature resistant high saturation NBR, increase the sealing ring section reduces the pressure seal, carefully designed sealing convex platform outside the improved seal reliability.

3, USES the steel ball or card lock reed cone way, card lock can endure high reed drilling pressure, steel ball to lock the can adapt to high speed.

4 the differential pressure and prevent drilling fluid restrictions in the lubricating system all rubber oil storage sac, for bearing system provides good lubrication guarantee.

5, 250 ° C temperature the high temperature, abrasion resistance of new grease.

6, set foot drill using high strength and high toughness carbide gear, optimize the design of the tooth row number, gear, toothy height and unique alloy tooth shape, give full play to the set feet high wear resistance and excellent bit of cutting ability. Ruler bit tooth face apply welding new wear-resistant materials, and to maintain the mechanical drill bit ruler speed at the same time, improve the drill bit cutting teeth life.

Product advantage:

HA series bit for O form rubber sealing sliding bearing drill bit, in a routine use can withstand high speed drilling of pressure, with different cutting structure, can adapt to a very soft and hard strata.

Bit sizeIADCApplication

Cutting structure


kN/ mm


r/ min


Low compressive strength; high drillability of soft formation; such as shale; clay; sandstone; soft limestone; etc

Large diameter of partial top form in row tooth, wedge discharge teeth

0.35- 1.05120- 50

products details :

Packing: plastic bag inside, wooden case/ box outside.

steel case