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Large exports to India plywood plywood, Poplar Plywood

Large exports to India plywood plywood, Poplar Plywood
  • Large exports to India plywood plywood, Poplar Plywood
Product code: 20517000001
Unit price: 2400 CNY  (348.62 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Grade: Ⅰ Pressure: 50 mpa Name: Plywood
Species: Poplar Origin: Shandong Glue: According to customer requirements
Apparent density: 520kgs / m3 Specifications: 1220 * 2440mm, 1250 * 2500 Bending strength: 45 mpa
Special Features: Good color Moisture content: about 12% Forming Views: Secondary molding


Plywood! Good bonding strength, smooth surface, no gaps, edges neatly, using even the heart of core technology, no no no overlap from core blistering.




1220 mm * 2440 mm, 1220 mm * 610 mm, 1830 mm * 610 mm, according to customer needs.


B / / C, C / / D, D / / E. (B-2; C-2; D-2) BB / / BB, BB / / CC


P1 / P2 E0 glue; E1; E2; melamine


Poplar entire core or broken heart


Bleached poplar, aspen colors, patterns Poplar, Okoume, customers can specify.


Using even the heart of core technology; forming; secondary molding dryer; machines and manual stitching core fight


Standard export plywood pallet packaging

(1) Inner packing: 0.2 mm thick plastic bags; (2) the packaging: fixed with steel strapping

Tel: 13665367063, welcome to inquire negotiate!

Standard Material: Poplar; eucalyptus wood; pine .

Surface treatment: sanding the surface treatment, vegetarian plates smooth surface, no cracking, impermeable plastic.
Product veneer: melamine surface finishes and logs can be attached to the surface, such as Okoume, ice candy, birch veneer, surface effect to BB / CC, BB / BB.
Use: widely used among a variety of homes, villas, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, office buildings and other interior decoration works, and supporting the doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, creating a high-end elegant, personalized unique, three-dimensional pole strong commercial and leisure space.