Supply of up to eight meters of lvl, house beams

Supply of up to eight meters of lvl, house beams

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Name: lvl Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Size: Up to 12 meters, according to the requirements Special Features: Good color
Moisture content: about 14%

Lvl plywood bundle installed - full Yang, vendors are welcome to consult the discussion 13655367063!

Material: Poplar; Pine; birch
Products major markets: products are mainly exported to Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries in recent years, as the domestic market for the product knowledge more widely, the domestic market has become a very big demand, but also a very good prospect. Big market.
Glue: MR; E2; E1; EO; F4 stars, glue WBP phenolic glue.
Size: Up to 12 m, the thickness 300MM, generous arbitrary; sawn according to customer requirements; to ensure 100% utilization.

Features: Fumigation; pest control; for a major; uniform strength; low cost; wide range of applications

Profile: Our company is China's largest LVL manufacturers, to produce LVL 15000CBM, there are 21 LVL line, length from 500MM to 12000MM, thickness from 9MM-150MM, the width of any width.

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Hello; Our door is designed to do lvl plywood core material and packing material lvl; your company if necessary; welcome to inquire negotiate!