Export fumigation lvl, bed slats, furniture lath, packaging strip

Export fumigation lvl, bed slats, furniture lath, packaging strip

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Name: Poplar LVL Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Apparent density: 520 kgs / m3 Specifications: according to customer requirements
Special features: wear Moisture content: 10% -14% or so

Information Name:

Supply of packaging multi-laminated timber board LVL up to 12 m thickness up to 30 cm

release time:




Product Specifications:

10-300 * 10-1500 * 12000mm


1.00 m3


1900.00 yuan / cubic meter


Material: Poplar

Glue: Urea-formaldehyde glue, triamine glue, urea-formaldehyde glue E1, E2, E0 Korea fitted with the F4 star

Specifications: Most 30 cm thick, up to 12 meters, maximum width 1.5 m

LVL structure or LVB structure

Both sides or all sides sanding, smooth surface

Usage: Packaging sheet; packaging machinery; glass; boiler, etc.

Furniture door core material, bed slats, etc.

Market: large exports Korea; Japan; and other domestic: Beijing; Tianjin; Shanghai etc.

Quality and cheap, welcomed the purchase

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