Ice Candy plywood veneer plywood, plywood, furniture, packaging boards

Ice Candy plywood veneer plywood, plywood, furniture, packaging boards

Product description:

Level: I Name: plywood Species: poplar
Origin: Shandong Glue: according to customer requirements Apparent density: 520kgs/M3
Specification: 1220*2440mm, 1250*2500 Special features: color, good Moisture content: about 12%
Views: forming the second

Aspen POPLAR, hardwood HARDWOOD, pine pine

Paper SURFACE: bingtangor (Bintangor)

Glue GLUE: MR urea-formaldehyde glue; E2; E1

Standard STANDARD product specifications:

Specifications STANDARD:1220X2440X18mm and other custom sizes

Moisture content MOISTURE CONTENT: ≤ 12%

Thickness tolerances THICKNESS TOLERANCE: +/ -0.5mm

Features: the quality of products; Price is reasonable; Fumigation; Suitable for domestic and foreign customers to use; Large capacity; Timely delivery; Quality and stability; Green activists; Insect-resistant corrosion protection; Bond strength is good; Promise not to open.

' Purpose: * wood frame construction: exterior wall covering; Roof deck; The bottom floor; Structural insulated panels; Beam; Single layer floors * boxes; Container; The shelf; Pallet wood (heavy equipment) * truck bodies; Handling chassis * display boards; Liner * storage box * materials * furniture and storage cabinets; Kitchen furniture * concrete construction formwork

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