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BB / CC grade furniture board, plywood Plywood

BB / CC grade furniture board, plywood Plywood
  • BB / CC grade furniture board, plywood Plywood
Product code: 20483100001
Unit price: 2300 CNY  (334.75 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Grade : Ⅰ Pressure : 50 mpa Name : Plywood
Species : Poplar Origin: Shandong Glue: According to customer requirements
Apparent density : 520kgs / m3 Specifications : 1220 * 2440mm, 1250 * 2500 Bending strength : 45 mpa
Special features : wear Moisture content: about 12% Forming Views: Secondary molding

High-grade birch plywood poplar core or full birch plywood surface UV

Material: birch poplar

Glue : WBP phenolic glue, CARB EO standard rubber

Purpose : Cabinet furniture, construction

Features : board pretty; reasonable price positioning; wide use; environmental protection; there is a waterproof; fire; pest control action; not open plastic; does not break; deformation

Veneer plywood

After the product was peeling veneer glue, puzzle, pressing, sanding, cutting saws, using crisscross pattern manufacture. Effectively avoid the deformation of the product, and the use of international environmental glue for production, has a very good level of environmental protection, can reach European standards. and produced at high temperatures, to avoid insect pest, is being widely recognized internationally .

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