Plywood, furniture boards, packaging boards, 4 * 8-foot plywood

Plywood, furniture boards, packaging boards, 4 * 8-foot plywood

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Pressure: 50 mpa Name: Plywood
Species: Poplar Origin: Shandong Glue: According to customer requirements
Apparent density: 520kgs / m3 Specifications: 1220 * 2440mm, 1250 * 2500 Bending strength: 45 mpa
Special features: corrosion Moisture content: about 12% Forming Views: Secondary molding

Poplar POPLAR, Hardwood HARDWOOD, pine pine

Tissues SURFACE: Bintangor (Bintangor)

Plastic GLUE: urea-formaldehyde glue MR; E2; E1

Product specifications STANDARD:

Specifications STANDARD: 1220X2440X18mm and other custom sizes


Thickness tolerance THICKNESS TOLERANCE: + / -0.5mm

Features: product quality; reasonable price positioning; fumigation; for domestic and foreign customers; large capacity; timely delivery; quality and stability; environmental protection; pest control corrosion; good bonding strength; to ensure that not a plastic.

`Usage: * wooden architecture: exterior cladding layer; roof covering; the subfloor; structural insulated panels; joist; single floor * box; carton; shelf; tray skids (Heavy Machinery) * Truck Body; handling chassis * display board; lined plate * Storage boxes and storage cabinets * * stylish furniture decoration materials; kitchen furniture * Concrete construction template

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