Aspen LVL- Yang Wood plywood, packing plywood

Aspen LVL- Yang Wood plywood, packing plywood

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Name: lvl Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Size: Up to 12 meters Special Features: Good color
Moisture content: about 15%

Yang upscale full-forward board

Material: Poplar

Glue: standard EO plastic

Uses: furniture, construction

Features: board pretty; reasonable price positioning; wide use; environmental protection; there is a waterproof; fire; pest control action; not open plastic; does not break; deformation

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Uses: furniture, sofa frames, packaging, construction, can be used for roof, floor strips for other purposes, Scaffolding and construction above.

Features: 1) board pretty reasonable price position, versatile, environmentally friendly, has a waterproof, fireproof, pest control effect, not a plastic, not broken, do not deformed, loading capacity, good toughness.

Excellent characteristics 2) adopted on the basis of pine oil itself waterproof material waterproof glue for production, greatly improved the water resistance of the product. For production with WBP phenolic glue products more boiling water 72 hours not open plastic. Good toughness , strength, the strength of the product is the same as three times the size of solid wood products, more suitable for construction purposes.