Spray paint toughness bedding sheets for waterproofing LVL, Aspen packaging LVL

Spray paint toughness bedding sheets for waterproofing LVL, Aspen packaging LVL

Product description:

Level: I Name: LVL laminated Species: poplar
Origin: Shandong Apparent density: 530 Size: can be produced according to customer requirements
Bending strength: 40mpa Special features: color, good Moisture content: about 13%

(1) LVL materials can scar sections of the log; Defects such as cracks spread; Staggered; Thus greatly reduced the strength of the effect; Its quality and stability; Uniform strength; Small material variability; Is the most ideal configuration instead of solid wood materials;

(2) the size can be adjusted freely, log shape and defect does not affect, LVL products manufactured by the company, which can grow up to 12 meters in thickness up to 300MM, according to their material situation, feel free to cut and select size. Utilization of raw materials up to 100%;

(3) LVL and wood processing; Sawing; Sliced; Gouge; Tenoning; Nail and so on;

Comparison of LVL and solid wood sawing wood, to see how the LVL has many common solid wood lumber does not have the advantage of:

(4) LVL with strong seismic performance and shock absorption properties and resistance to cyclic fatigue damage.

Product features

Laminated veneer lumber; Abbreviation LVL; Wood as raw material is made from peeled or sliced veneer; After drying; After gluing; Or along the grain of the majority group of slab parallel to grain; Then by hot gluing of plates; It has structures that are not solid wood lumber characteristics: high strength, toughness and good stability, precise specifications than solid wood lumber strength, toughness increases 3 times, and the export fumigation.

Features: beautiful; Price is reasonable; Wide usage; Green activists; There are certain waterproof; Fire prevention; Pest control; Do not open; Does not break; No deformation

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