Supply of building templates, waterproof template, film faced plywood

Supply of building templates, waterproof template, film faced plywood

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Pressure: 100 mpa Name: Plywood
Species: Poplar Origin: Shandong Glue: Melamine glue
Apparent density: 530 Specifications: 1220 * 2440 Special features: corrosion
Moisture content: 14% Forming Views: Forming

Construction film board

Product name: construction template

Core: poplar / birch / hardwood / pine / mixed core

Number of floors: 9 to 13 layers

Glue: WBP (phenolic plastic) / MR (urea glue) / MELAMINE (melamine plastic)

Film: black film, brown film

Surface: smooth, flat

Size: 1220mmX2440mm / 1250mmX2500mm

Thickness: 8-30

Poplar: 550kg / m3 around

Birch: 720 kg / m3 or so

Pine: 500kg / m3 around

Mix: 680 kg / m3 around

Features: Full use of the entire core production, with good bonding strength, not a plastic, not broken, waterproof, anti-corrosion, frequency of use, etc., the entire core structure determines the product has excellent board flatness, a significant reduction in carbonation It happens. using secondary forming structure to ensure lower prices and better strength, frequency of use than forming a template has improved significantly, especially for the Middle East and the domestic market use.

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