Up to 8 meters lvl, packaging boards lvl, forward plate

Up to 8 meters lvl, packaging boards lvl, forward plate

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Name: plywood lvl Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Apparent density: 530 Size: Up to 8 meters, according to the customer to
Special Features: Easy to fixed Moisture content: 10% -16% or so

Board-level timber; referred LVL; are peeling or chipping logs as raw material made of veneer; dried; After the glue; according to the grain or grain of the majority group blanks; and then the hot glue made of sheet metal .; it has no structural features solid wood lumber: high strength, toughness, good stability, precise specifications than wood lumber increased 3-fold in strength, toughness this product can be used for building the template components, construction beams, cars panels, furniture, flooring, room decor wooden keel and packaging materials, etc., wide range of applications.

Θ Material: poplar / pine / hardwood / birch

Specification: 10 ~ 300MM (Thick) * any width * 12 meters long (8 meters can be any sawing) Glue: MR glue / environmental glue Features: Product strength, straightness good, is a good alternative to solid wood products, export-free fumigation materials.

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Hello; Our door is designed to do lvl plywood core material and packing material lvl; your company if necessary; welcome to inquire negotiate!