Up to 12 meters of poplar plywood lvl, plywood lvl fumigation

Up to 12 meters of poplar plywood lvl, plywood lvl fumigation

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Name: MLB LVL Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Specifications: according to customer requirements, up to 8 m Bending strength: 40mpa
Special Features: Good color Moisture content: 12% -16%
LVL, plywood

Material: poplar, pine, hardwood

Specification: 10 ~ 300MM (Thick) * 20-300MM (Wide) * 12000MM (domestic first up to 12 meters

Glue:... MR glue WBP glue Melamine triamine phenolic plastic F4 star (Japanese and Korean markets), E0 / E1 / E2

Features: Product strength is good; straightness; uniform quality; usage 100%, is a good alternative to solid wood products, which is three times the strength of the wood of the same size; export fumigation materials; has strong shock resistance and shock absorption sex.

Certificate: CE; CARB; ISO9001


1) F4 star LVL / LVB exported to Japan South Korea

2) Packaging board (packaging machinery, transportation wooden), wooden construction; can be used to make crates; tray; transport packaging sheet; good furniture panels, used for furniture, door core material, bed, drawer board , sofa frames, furniture, beams, etc., can be sawing, grooving, etc. construction material, building wooden, beams and so on.