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Packaging dedicated lvl, pine lvl building materials

Packaging dedicated lvl, pine lvl building materials
  • Packaging dedicated lvl, pine lvl building materials
Product code: 20470300001
Unit price: 2300-2320 CNY
Reference price: 334.3-337.2 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Grade: Ⅰ Name: plywood lvl Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Size: Up to 12 meters Special features: wear
Moisture content: 8-12%

Product Name: Glulam machinery and electronic products packaging of LVL
Material: Poplar; Pine; birch
Products major markets: products are mainly exported to Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries in recent years, as the domestic market for the product knowledge more widely, the domestic market has become a very big demand, but also a very good prospect. Big market.
Glue: MR; E2; E1; EO; F4 star; WBP phenolic glue
Size: Up to 8 m, the thickness 150MM, generous arbitrary, sawn according to customer requirements, to ensure 100% utilization.
Usage: Fumigation crates, fumigation tray, other transport packaging purposes this product is used for large-scale machinery and equipment package, stronger than solid wood, even strength, and there is fumigation, and low cost advantages, especially for all kinds of transport. packaging timber.
Capacity: 20,000 square per month
Payment: T / T (30% down payment, the remaining payment delivery), L / C
Delivery time: 8 days
Product Certificate: CARB certification; CE certification; ISO9001: 2008

LVL sawn timber and wood comparison, we can see many ordinary wood lumber LVL has does not have the advantages:
1, LVL material can be logs section scar; cracks and other defects dispersed; stagger; thereby greatly reducing the impact on the intensity; it stable quality; uniform intensity; material variability is small; is the best alternative to wood structure timber;
2, size can be adjusted; unaffected log shape and defects; LVL products produced by the company, up to 8 meters, and finally up to 150MM according to their timber status, random cut pieces and select sizes. up to 100% utilization of raw materials;
3, LVL wood processing and the same; may sawing; Sliced; chisel eye; open joints; nails, etc;

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