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Construction engineering lvl, works with plywood

Construction engineering lvl, works with plywood
  • Construction engineering lvl, works with plywood
Product code: 20470100001
Unit price: 2170 CNY  (315.4 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Grade: Ⅰ Name: lvl Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Size: Up to 12 meters Special features: corrosion
Moisture content: 8% -16%

Product specifications: up to 12 m; generous arbitrary; size according to customer requirements for processing

Material: Poplar

Glue: The best domestic waterproof WBP phenolic glue

Size: 40 * 50 * 2000mm; 50 * 75MM * 6000MM; 77 * 130 * 6000MM and other special sizes; up to 12 meters; generous arbitrary

Density: 550KG / M3

Uses: decorative lining

Features: waterproof anti-corrosion, loading capacity is more than 3 times that of ordinary wood products, good toughness, fumigation, the longest length of 12 meters, the price is lower than solid wood, size as required for processing, the utilization of 100% and after high-temperature processing. eliminate the insect pest occurrence. is an alternative to wood products, construction works best products. and 6 surface spray waterproof paint, making the product waterproof, anti-corrosion effect is doubled, increasing the number of repeated use.
Related Certificate: ISO9001: 2008; CARB certification; CE certification

Our company is China's largest LVL manufacturers, to produce LVL 15000CBM. There are 33 LVL production line, length from 500MM to 12000MM, thickness from 9MM-300MM. Width arbitrarily.

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Hello; Our door is designed to do lvl plywood core material and packing material lvl; your company if necessary; welcome to inquire negotiate!