Glass packaging forward LVL, poplar plywood LVL

Glass packaging forward LVL, poplar plywood LVL

Product description:

Level: I Name: LVL laminated Species: poplar
Origin: Shandong Apparent density: 530 Specifications: according to customer requirements
Special features: abrasion resistance Moisture content: about 14%

Dr luxury bedding

Material: poplar

Glue: the standard EO glue

Uses: furniture, building

Features: beautiful; Price is reasonable; Wide usage; Green activists; There are certain waterproof; Fire prevention; Pest control; Do not open; Does not break; No deformation

Our company is China's largest manufacturer of laminated veneer lumber, laminated veneer lumber 15000CBM per month. 33 laminated veneer lumber production line, from 500MM to 12000MM in length, thickness from 9MM-300MM. width of any .

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