HOT | pallet feet, sawdust pier, crates with the box

HOT | pallet feet, sawdust pier, crates with the box

Product description:

Grade : Ⅰ Species : Poplar Origin: Shandong
Thermal conductivity : Medium Apparent density : 0.7 (g / m3) Use: Outdoor
Specifications : according to customer requirements (mm) Uses: tray feet Special features : wear
Moisture content: 12 ( % )

specification: The thickness up to 120MM * 150MM * 150MM ( width and length can be sawn according to customer requirements )
Materials: Yang hardwood; white color; Poplar original raw material; poplar renewable materials
glue: MR glue
Density: 70 0 kgs / m3
Uses : Furniture; packaging; tray chassis

Features : internal bond strength, high environmental protection, strong grip nails, good plate surface flatness, suitable for stickers, paste paper, production, supply timely and reasonable prices for fumigation .

Our production of special thick particle board, used to make pallets feet long outlet size can be processed according to customer demand .

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