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Particleboard pieces

Particleboard pieces
  • Particleboard pieces
Product code: 20467000001
Unit price: 970-980 CNY
Reference price: 140.9-142.35 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Grade : Ⅰ Species : Poplar Origin: Shandong
Apparent density : 530 (g / m3) Use: Outdoor Specifications : 80 * 80 * 80mm (mm)
Uses: tray feet Special features : wear Moisture content: 12 ( % )

specification: The thickness up to 120MM * 150MM * 150MM ( width and length can be sawn according to customer requirements )
Materials: Young trees and foliage, color white
glue: MR glue
density: 620 kgs / m3


* Has a high physical and mechanical properties; compact structure; high intensity
* Corrosion; moth; resistance to deformation; strong flame resistance
* Fully waterproof performance, can be permanently exposed to the natural environment and humid conditions
* Very low formaldehyde emissions, are the real green products
* Strong grip nails; easy saw; nail; drilling; open wooden trough; planing; filing or sanding
* Excellent insulation; sound insulation; good performance finishing paint

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