Large supply of 16mm particleboard, plywood, green furniture board

Large supply of 16mm particleboard, plywood, green furniture board

Product description:

Grade: Ⅰ Name: Particleboard Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Specifications: 1220 * 2440mm Special Features: Good color
Moisture content: about 12%

Supply of furniture particleboard
Material: Poplar original raw material hardwood native material
Glue: MR; E1; E2; E0
Product size: 1220 * 2440 * 9-30MM.

Usage: furniture; packaging; decorative; cabinets
Capacity: 6000 monthly party
Delivery: 10 days
Payment: T / T (30% down payment, the remaining payment delivery), L / C
Product Certification: CARB; CE; ISO9001: 2008

Melamine paper, nearly a thousand kinds of color can be single-sided or double-sided stickers affixed surface to do relief, pockmarked face, mirror dozen different effects.

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